sooo metamorpher tagged me in the People I’ve been compared to… meme and i asked around some ppl and this is what they told me 

Tag five people afterwards

1. zoe kazan (according to my former roommate)
2. that girl that plays spencer on pll (according to one of my best friends lmao but i think she’s latina so i actually just checked and it turns out she’s biracial and also has serbian descent huh)
3. amy schumer (i actually asked one of my friends but his friend took his phone and apparently i look like her according to a friend of a friend altho i don’t see it tbh)
4. the overly attached girlfriend chick (one of my friends pointed out the similarity 4-5 yrs ago bc of the way i made faces in photos and everyone got on board w/ it so i guess i look like her?)

uhhh i tag sailorversa vandamaksimof makovnjaca immortal-axolotl thorodinsn