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Hello loves! Callie and I are both fond of going for an adventure and travelling, so we decided to host Summer Adventure Awards, and this will be based on the countries that we wish to visit in the future! If you are interested, then please keep reading. :)


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(We will be choosing two winners for each category)

— Best URL - Dubai

— Best Icon - California

— Best Theme - Maldives

— Best Overall - France

— Best Color Scheme - Italy

— Best Posts - Thailand

— Best New Discovery - Egypt

— Nicest Blogger - Australia

— Callie’s Faves - Greece

— Joice’s Faves - Japan


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— Two new friends!


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— We will start choosing once we’re happy with the notes

— Happy reblogging and good luck, lovelies! x

All the love, Callie and Joice ♡


Too much good stuff at the Best of France and Italy at Woodley Park today! I have a not-so-secret love affair with Alfa Romeos (sorry Laura 😜) so this show just ticks all the right boxes!!! Of course it’s always great to catch up with friends at these meets as well and fortunately many were present and enjoying the show as well