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Randys acting in the ethan break up scene Like yes sign me up for this shit This is so good dat face he makes! The realization the 'he never promised me anything' I am so in for this shit he is so good and underrated we need to have a conv about dis

Ahhhh, YES!!! That was really one of Randy’s best scenes. The rage and betrayal and heartbreak are just palpable, and my own heart clenches a little bit at how his voice cracks ever so slightly on the word “promised.” And on the one hand I’m so proud of Justin for stranding up to Ethan and not letting him bullshit him any longer, but on the other, I just want to cry as I watch this incredible young man in so much pain because he once again opened his heart up to somebody. Ahhh, Randy. Such a powerful, moving performance.

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If you're willing to share, I'm very curious about the "garrus incident" XD

Omg haha okay. It’s not really that bad but my mom’s black so yeah but anyways

It was, I think like, a year ago just after I’d gotten into Mass Effect and I was still in my over the top, head over heels in love for Garrus and my friend got me a Garrus Pop! Figure for my birthday. 

Anyways I packed a bunch of stuff cuz I was moving and my mom came to help. The box she just happened to grab said, ‘my teddies + GARRUS’ just like that and she was like ‘who’s Gah-rus?’

And I kinda froze for a second, and thought, ‘am I really gonna tell my mom that Garrus is an alien-bird-dinosaur from three hundred years into the future obsessed with calibrations and watching human porn – ‘ 

‘He’s just a character in a video game I like.’ 

‘… Yeah, okay.’ 

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What's one of your favorite memories?

My favourite memory ever is probably this one time when I was little back when my dad used to play a lot of baseball I remember I went to watch one time and it was after the game and no one else was there except for my dad and I and it was a little bit rainy and I ran out onto the field which seemed so big at the time haha and I kept running and my dad was like “get back here you’re gonna get pneumonia” and idk i just remember that as like best moment of my life haha