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How did you met your man ? What's your story ? What was your best moment together ?

Haha. I get this a lot.

But, we met via Facebook. I added him because I recognized him from a HS conference we both attended (or at least k thought so.) We started talking and Skyping. Within two weeks I went over and had coffee with him!

We have had many great moments together, but the day I actually met him in person was the best. I knew I liked him and it was scary. I never had such strong feelings for a guy before, or ever. Long and juicy story made short: I got up from his kitchen table because I nervous and didn’t know what to do. He followed me and assured me everything was okay. Suddenly I got romantically pinned to the wall and kissed.

SARIC UPDATE: today was quite different. part of our project is to conduct a poll using a random sample of strangers so we went to the mall and asked a bunch of random people questions about alcohol and stuff. im more of an introvert so i was not excited about it but eric is very charismatic so he kinda took over which was nice of him:) after about an hour of harassing innocent shoppers, we got dinner in the food court and just talked again for a long time. he didn’t say anything about the events of last week (about asking if i like him and saying he liked me) so im not sure if it was just an innocent thing or like some weird boy strategy thats supposed to freak me the hell out haha. the best part though was the ride home. i crashed my car a couple weeks ago so eric offered to take me home and spare me the embarrassment of being picked up by my dad. so we get in the car, he hands me his cd book thing and says i can pick one and that is when i found absolute confirmation that we are freaking meant for each other. he loves the beach boys. i love the beach boys. we spent 20 min in the car singing surfin usa and fun fun fun. it was quite possibly one of the top 10 best moments of my life haha. and then when he dropped me off he said “tell your dad i say hi” which idk why but i thought was totally awesome. another successful saric day:)

(P.S., next weeks update will be on saturday cuz i have plans next friday)


You guys seem to like seeing photos of the awkward Amythest of days past, so here’s a photoset covering 2008. I was 16/17 here.

At this point in my life I got my head shaved for this church bus ministry thing, and then later I was cutting my own hair with dull craft scissors, and working at Value Village, which earned me money to buy odd bits of weird clothing, which I compiled into weird outfits.

I was seeing a Child and Youth Mental Health worker who was completely unhelpful (she told me that I was just too different for the city I lived in and that I should move to a smaller, weirder town where people do art and grow hemp).

I attended class every once in a while, but mostly I spent my time volunteering with my church’s bus program/youth ministry/outdoor VBS a lot, walking aimlessly around my neighborhood, and generally being really awkward.

The adorable little human in that last photo is my nibling. She wasn’t my niece then, she was just Marvin’s niece, but then I married the heck out of Marvin and so now I get to have some niblings too!