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honestly I'm strongly starting to dislike the 100, season 2 was great the best!! now season 3, last nights grounder story line was a poor mans game of thrones, bellamys character just got completely assassinated, jasper is still grieving about maya death yet a couple days after ginas death bellamy leaks a couple tears then moves tf on to homicide apparently ((ps where was raven?? why isnt she comforting her friend atleast??))

well i’m sorry to hear that but i completely disagree. the only thing i don’t like about season 3 so far is the lack of raven tbh. the grounders/Polis are the best part of the show, i was about to fall asleep during the arkadia scenes lol I don’t get why you’re comparing bellamy and jasper??? they’re so different from each other??? of course they can’t have the same reactions. They’re messing up Bellamy’s character, true, but The 100 thought us that there aren’t bad or good guys. He’s doing what he thinks is right for his people. Plus we’re getting everything we ever wanted for Clexa so I’m not complaining at all.