to be honest the “likewise” line might be the best line in season 2 bc it just ties everything together like… the deliver was so sarcastic and obviously a lie that it was just like… lena really thinks kara was on crack this entire time bc mon el truly aint shit… so when mon el was like i can see why kara loves you… lena was like “…likewise lmao…” cause she honestly thinks kara is on crack for being w him… its 3am and these are the facts

Season 3 Episode 6

Huh, so Allura is still in paladin armor. Wonder what’s going on.

Ooooo, Keith meets Shiro in his room, and he’s the only one that’s going in there. My shipper heat squees.

Shiro looks so wrong. Something about his face. Also, short sleeves don’t work on you.

Keith and Shiro have the same gloves. Also Shiro doesn’t have any scars on his arm. This is suspicious.

Lance had grown. Beginning lance would never have offered to step aside for the good of the team.

Hunk has the best lines this season. “Can someone Altean come move this castle”

Keith forgetting he’s not leader awfully quick.

Maybe Black does realize he’s not Shiro. She just can’t stand for any Shiro to die.

I love this guy. Worst post in the empire, but it his post.

Allura, you didn’t share that Haggar was Altean.

That was a cool sword trick.

Keith’s still in charge of the sword even add the head.

Ooh, that’s what’s wrong with Shiro’s hair, his fluff is too short.

Also, his suit seems wrong.

Nice contrast in leadership styles though in this episode.

I think of all the things they did in Season 6, my favorite is how badly they neglected Starlight Glimmer. I really came around to “Trixie is best pone”. Best bad influence, best enabler! But I think the best line of the entire season was, “You’ve really come a long way” after Glimglam magically brain washed the whole main cast of the show. A long way indeed, and we should have stopped, but let’s keep going and see what happens!