"I didn’t fit in in a lot of circles. I wasn’t really athletic. I struggled to find my seat at the dinner table, metaphorically speaking, in life. And this is a community of people that have continually cleared a space for me at the table and that’s a pretty phenomenal feeling."
Jordan Gavaris on winning his Canadian Screen Award (x)

lilamaddiequinn asked:

Sorry everyone. It looks like John Cusack won Best supporting actor for his role in Maps to the Stars. Congratulations, John!!

Loll… As much as I would have loved for Rob to have won now that I’ve seen the movie Rob totally earned his nomination but I have to say John earned that award!

He was the perfect hypocritical, judgmental prick!


"I think other actors may have played Rayon as a drag queen, and someone who enjoyed putting on women’s clothing. But, I thought it was an opportunity to put a different kind of character on screen. You follow your gut and your heart, and you do the best that you can to make people proud and to represent people with as much dignity as possible. That’s what I did, for the Rayons of the world. Of course, you can’t make everyone happy, but you try your best."


Best Buddies ↪ Lupita Nyong’o and Jared Leto

When asked what she calls Jared, as he calls her his ex-wife, Lupita laughed saying “I don’t think I can say it on camera”(x)