As a vocal trainer, it really bothers me that fans throw around words like X is the best singer just because they like them. I find it disrespectful to idols that actually have a good technique and that probably spent years to get to that point like B1A4 Sandeul, SM main vocals, BAP Daehyun, Apink Eunji, Bestie U.Ji… I’m not saying people need to like them but at least recognize their level of technique that is impressive.

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MM girls are not the best singers but it doesn't really matter, does it? H!P cultivates the "girl next door" image with their girls. And it's useful. MM is the flagship partly because they can make teenage girls dream and think "if this girl can be in MM, why can't I?" and BOOM many girls in the auditions, many girls in the KSS, and many fan girls dreaming about being in MM and many girls buying CDs and goods. All good for UFA.