• me, every time I watch The Get Down: noah offence but Daveed Diggs is one of the best rappers alive right now and his voice sounds very close to Justice Smith's and how the heck dare you ask him to play old!Zeke and deprive us of his rapping by having him dubbed by another rapper I don't get it I really don't get it I'll never get it what is wrong with you

Jay-Z, speaking with Mariah Carey and Michael Jordan at the release party for her album Charmbracelet in 2002. This is the party that Noreaga was talking about on the Drink Champs podcast when he revealed MJ would only talk to Hov, not any other rapper. For that reason I am not sure that this was the first time Jay and MJ met, as the photographer has written.

Photographer Johnny Nuñez: “Shortly after a Baby Phat fashion show after-party at Capitol upstairs in the VIP room I asked Jay-Z would it be okay if I got a photograph of him with Michael Jordan, he said ‘you have to ask that man first.’ I politely went to Michael Jordan and said 'Sir you mind if I get a photograph of you with Jay-Z?’ His response was 'yes of course.’ I then asked him to come over, I then said 'Jay-Z Michael Jordan can I get a photograph right here’ they quickly shook hands and then immediately posed for the photo I took (that one will be for my book). Not too long after that Mariah Carey came over.
I’m proud to say I made the first introduction best rapper alive introduced to the best basketball player alive, shot by the best photographer alive. 'Holla At Your Boy!’" 

The City is Mine: Ch.1

Genre: gang au, angst, smut (eventually) 

Character Profiles: AOMG | The Outsiders | The 88′s  (Please read these and the prologue before you begin)

Chapters: Prologue1234 /?

*Cookies = AOMG’s drugs

“The City is Mine” Ravi Open

“Ok, ok, quiet down y’all. This one’s from a new song yo boy been werkin on called Vagina Virtuoso” shouted Jay Park with a proud glimmer in his eyes. The sexy gang leader stood in the center of his professional dance studio located inside AOMG’s swag headquarters, surrounded by his devoted crew and adoring groupies.

“Yo, I need a Cha Cha beat boy!” screamed Jay in a high pitched voice as he tore off his shirt to reveal his ripped body, causing all the girls in the room, and Lil Boi, to scream with unbridled enthusiasm.

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