My morning is meh so here’s some hance AUs that I like but will never explore:

• both are running late to catch a plane, they seamlessly keep running into each other and take the others advantage (like Lance steals Hunks cab, Hunk takes the last small item bin forcing Lance to move). When fully on board, it turns out they have to sit next to each other on a 7 hour flight.

• Hunk is an engineer student, while Lance is studying aerodynamics to pass his pilot exam. Hunk knows a thing or two about aerodynamics, but Lance is too scared to approach Hunk because he seems like a scary guy. Pidge finally forced them to study together, where its revealed Hunk was too intimidated to talk to Lance, because he had a very strong personality.

• mermaid AU but, Hunk is just the facilities handyman who just so happens to stumble upon a newly captured creature. A man with a long tail and an attitude about being wrongfully imprisioned. Hunk saves Lance the mermaid and hides him in his home, and is trying to avoid authorities while trying to get Lance back to his proper home.

• a new club opens up and Lance REALLY wants to go, but he’s underage. He turns to known genius and fake ID maker Pidge to make him a fake idea. In exchange for the ID Lance has to take Pidges friend Hunk out for a good time, to lessen his stress about schoolwork. What started off as a bargain date ended with a bar fight, a police lockdown and a chase, allowing the best date ever.

• Pokemon AU, Lance keeps seeing Keith win gym badges and just overall having a stronger team. Not only that but somehow Keith managed to get a travel companion as well. Lance figures that to find out the greatest weakness of Keith’s team, he has to go through his companion so maybe he could beat his rival finally. Things don’t go to plan when Lance starts to have feelings for the companion Hunk.