• Dan, on a date:So what do you think of this Amazingphil guy?
  • Them:idk he's not really all that I guess...wait Dan, wh.. what are you doing..
  • Dan, holding a breadstick against their throat:do you literally even know who the fUC K you're speaking to?
  • Them, freaking out:Phil trash #1..
  • Dan:that's right motherfucker now gtfo

My best friend is so cute. I hadn’t seen or talked to her in awhile ( 2 months to be exact). Today I found a note from her in my mailbox saying she lost her phone (classic Bree) and that she moved and she’s been on hiatus. She’s not big on social media so when she doesn’t have a phone she is basically off the grid. I thought this was incredibly sweet. I wasn’t home when she came by so she left a note. I really missed her and tried to contact her mom a month ago to see what had happened but I guess they are currently not on speaking terms. Set up a play date with her on Friday and I’m so fucking excited!!! Only good things happen when we’re together. And by good I mean bad. Cause we baaaad lol. It’s crazy how giddy I feel knowing I’m going to see her soon. Miss her aura and her vibe. Looking foward to spending time with my B.B. Gunz, crazy stories, and maniacal laughters.


The MUSIC of Bravest Warriors & Our New Electrical Morals

In this video, composers Best Fwends give you an idea of just what it’s like to make music for Cartoon Hangover. In this video, we get a look at how the music of Bravest Warriors, Our New Electrical Morals and other Cartoon Hangover cartoons get made.

I can’t believe we’ve almost been together for a year. You’re my best friend. I never thought I would ever find someone that would treat me like a princess 24/7. You make me feel beautiful when I look my worst, you smother me in kisses, you make me yummy food, and you listen to me ramble on and on. You make me so happy and you’ve changed my life for the better. I love you beyond words, Matthew. Thanks for being my perfect Prince Charming 💕