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How do you think the Blackfish would treat Arya? Let's say in some AU, Arya makes it to Riverrun, for argument's sake Cat is gone (either post-RW or on her way there), and the Blackfish takes her in to protect her. Brynden will quickly learn Arya isn't a "proper highborn lady", but given the type of person he is and how he treated Cat/Lysa/Edmure/LF, do you think he'd encourage Arya's "needlework" or martial desires? It's still possible they meet up at some point, so we could see this for real.

Aww, it warms my heart to imagine this, because I think they’d be extremely fond of each other; the Blackfish would immediately recognize a fellow black sheep, and I can easily imagine him continuing her sword training and her making him howl with laughter. 


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100 and Counting Down-Chris Evans x Reader

A/N-A little ficlet because I thought of this during a maths exam…oops.

Prompt: AU where everybody has the chance for their soul to reincarnate 100 times, but there are a few rules:

- if you were destined to die but you don’t, you lose one reincarnation

- when your soul dies, the last thing you remember is a number, that’s how many lives you have left. 

-at 0, you remember everything, from each life, including your soul mate and how you met them in each life 

The Start

I walked down the block with a coffee that was supposed to wake me up, but that never really did the trick. The day was chilly and I could see my own breath in the air. I was on my way to the school that I worked at. It was always lively and there were times when the children were absolute nightmares but that is down to my mood more than them.

I gulped down the hot drink as I got closer to the school and I put out the work for the kids to do. It was an easy day as there was more staff than usual which meant that I was able to spend some time interacting with some of the shyer ones.

“Hello, Emma. What are you drawing?” I looked down at the little girl, her blonde hair was put into a braid which she tugged at every once in a while. “It looks very pretty.”

She lifted the picture up for me. “It’s my best fwend. She’s in a big school.” The little girl was very good at art so I took some time and gave her some paint. She kept to herself but she was extremely sweet. 


“Sorry, Sir, you cannot take Miles home as we have not been notified by his parents that you will be picking him up. It is against our policy.” You heard Layla say to someone outside. You walked to the front of the school to help her.

Your eyes perked up when you saw the man, his face was oddly familiar and he was extremely attractive- bright blue eyes and a thick beard. His muscles were still visible under his white henley. “Hey, are you okay?”

“Sorry, I am here to pick up my nephew because my sister is busy and freaking out.” He scratched the back of his neck and looked me in my eyes and it felt really right. It was almost as if we were used to it. “I don’t do this often as I’m always away at work and Scott is busy which means ‘Chris, pick up Miles please’.

“I will have to call his parents to see if that’s okay.” You smiled curtly at the man you were certain that you had seen before. You walked inside and made the phone call. Everything had checked out fine and you got Miles ready to go home.

“Uncle Chris!” Miles screeched and ran at his uncle who hugged the little boy. He spun the little boy around and that unleashed a fit of giggles. “You’re back! I missed you uncle Chris”

Chris looked up at you with a smile and the corners of his eyes were creased. You were very attracted to him and you hoped that it wasn’t obvious. “Alight, buddy, I’m not leaving for a while so I’ll be at home annoying you and everybody else.” 

“Bye Miss Y/L/N, see you tomorrow!” The little boy walked hand in hand with his uncle with a large smile on his face.


The MUSIC of Bravest Warriors & Our New Electrical Morals

In this video, composers Best Fwends give you an idea of just what it’s like to make music for Cartoon Hangover. In this video, we get a look at how the music of Bravest Warriors, Our New Electrical Morals and other Cartoon Hangover cartoons get made.