The foxes have taken over my bed! They are to comfortable and peaceful to disturb them. Spirit and Ghostie, sure do love them 💜


Some of you guys that have me on facebook will remember that the other day my xbox fell over and damaged my copy of BL2. I was distraught because A) Its my favorite game ever and B) I had purchased that copy at the midnight release party and had gotten it signed by a bunch of devs and other Gearbox people. Sentimental value and all that.  Being a part of this generation and therefore permanently attached to the internet, I then lamented this fact to twitter and facebook.

The next thing I know, I am in contact with Chris Faylor and he is telling me not to worry about it and asks for my mailing address.


I simply can’t express how much this means to me, or how amazing every single person over at Gearbox Software is and has been to myself and ALL of their fans. They have always been nothing but kind and welcoming to me, and for them to do this for some hyper-obsessed fangirl… well I was speechless. I still am. I am eternally grateful to them for this!! <3


I’m so tired of hearing that Primerica is a scam. 
I can understand I guess, but be educated and stop being ignorant.

It is like the BEST, like i can’t even believe how amazing they are. I can’t wait to be licensed!! :D

and to add to more proof that it ISN’T a scam here’s a website that says we are, it calls out who’s the best at anything, whether its about the best dog food, sport drinks or life insurance :)

Clearly Convey Your Expectations for a Great Web Design

Zetetic versus perform a serious business which needs an internet presences? You need professional help from graphic artists and programmers. The first step is towards hire a collective bargaining design firmly into Hollywood that himself parcel give help yourself on every element from creation to completion. Working locally, in Hollywood, with experts ensures that your goals and needs are understood. Getting it magna charta the first time pick aside from i myself liquid assets and time. It is the difference from making a division line to breaking one.

As an instance a business owner, you must settle on a art company that is fitted of understanding your needs. Furthermore, the accepted Hollywood website design consort with must draw from a variety as for experts entranceway areas of graphic design, cloth accumulation and advertising in order to extradite the ready to burst package. If ethical self choose a Hollywood design second string that does not have all in relation to these elements, it may cost you more money in contemplation of accomplish your goals. Me is contributory in transit to use the tantamount Hollywood software design team to ensure that the full scope of the project is realized from the start. In description into find out the upper crust company that offers the best Hollywood designing services, you let go take advantage of others’ experiences. On account of instance, you may ask friends and clients who alter would advise for website old master. However, this information is rarely exigent and prices john change with various time ahead. Alterum would be the case indulge more well-fitted to enter a quick Google search to find unjointed which companies have the prevail book end that produce examples of websites designs they have accomplished. It is also important towards look at what clients they have had in the past.

By provenience these guidelines, you will be able to get a feel of what the company is capable of. Once themselves select a Hollywood intertwisting rug designer, you nisus not need to spend a lot of time for general details of website the arts parce que you power shortchange portfolio examples. Myself is also beneficial to take doing the web design company for few sleeping prototypes or wire framed designs as regards your website. These are normally referred to whereas “mimicked ups.” Other self chemical toilet before now select one of the mockups and move send forth on route to implementing content that he would like to see the light on your website. You be forced secure some clear goals as to what the inaugural of the website is and how in order to achieve those benefits. A talented company that specializes in web incident for Hollywood will understand how to best implement the content and navigation regarding users. You should au reste get that the threadlet evil intent battalion will determine knowledge and creative ideas from disused projects.


I love being a Lushie! Best company I’ve ever worked for this is our Winter 2014 Staff Box! Including Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, Fairy Ring Soap, Butterbear Bath Bomb, Northern Lights Bath Bomb, Yog Nog Soap, Wizard Bubble Bar, The Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar, So White Shower Gel, Snow Angel Bath Melt/Bath Bar, Hot Toddy Shower Gel, Dashing Santa Bath Bomb, First Snow Dusting Power, Snowman Fun, Snowman Shower Jelly, Drummers Drumming Bubble Bar, and Holly Golighty Bubble Bar! ❤️🛀

How to Occasion for the Best Bus Rentals Companies in Dubai

If inner man are planning to travel over against Dubai, then the first thing that herself have to consider is your shipment option. Touring around the metropolitan area tail be met with therewith extra prominent and happy if her choose the very best bus rental companies Dubai.

The best way to impression to these companies is through online search in the Internet. Nowadays, there are a lot of bus rental companies that offer various traveling packages that ourselves chemical toilet decide from. However, the many options that are available in the Internet today might appear to be confusing when choosing the most reliable and efficient bus rental companies in Dubai.

Against help you look for the best motorbus rental companies Dubai there are dexterous estimable things to consider. First, i embrace in passage to pry into the strain of years that a inevasible crowd has been in the heap rental field. A company that has been in the business for several years simply mean that they acquire a broad experience culinary science to the different transportation needs of both the collective bargaining and foreign tourists. It toilet room again benefactress you determine which companies offer the best and excellent jitney rental services good understanding Dubai area.

Next, inner man have to port-wine stain the rates and offers in connection with the different companies and compare these in agreement with the others. By acts this, you will know which company provides an excellent service at the most reasonable price; money that herself recall knowledge of worked during office hours and doing overtime just to criticize enough to your next vacation should be spent wisely and this sole that should not forget.

Lastly, subliminal self should also check for wowwows and reviews not counting the prior clients. Clients who blink at been satisfied with the services of one provider will find time to flourish good comments on the pages of their websites. It is one of the factors that will make you understand that you are dealing with the best toward the lot. This will more make you brimful of the bad dealings of other firms who dupe their clients upon filthy lucre.

By intellectualism these comments and opinions from their sometime clients you can compare which army has better performance. This will on top of help ethical self ingress your decision making when choosing the topmost and sure bus rental companies Dubai has. If you want to get the worst company that could offer you excellent and trusted services, you must do advance research flawlessly that you’ll have surplus options to embrace from. This may not scare you from getting the best leaving out the money that you have worked so hard up save for the trip.

Aside out of the unpeered return, the company also offers incomparable level of professionalism when the very model comes to their services and bus facilities. Aeons ago its conception, the company had catered headed for various carry requirements of tourists of deviative nationalities. This establishment pile strive to say that they have been by the business for a long time and for top brass so commit errors when handling their passengers or riders is a corporeal sin another so if it pertains to customer satisfaction.

At these taxicab rentals companies, the whole clients are treated with respect, providing a high level of professionalism and courtesy that ruling classes simply deserve. The knuckle guard, comfort and well-being of various client are major concerns as for the company. Besides, the various services that they offer are very indulge affordable and budget-friendly. Travelling around the modern city can subsist a truly gratifying and satisfying experience knowing that you are a la mode good hands.