Best of 2011

I know flies in milk.
Specks against white.
I know, I know it.

I know a man by his clothes
Even I know that much.
I know fair weather from foul.
I know that.

I know the apple by the tree.
That I know.

I know who labors and who loafs.
I know all.
All save myself.

I know all things.

I know pink cheeks from wan.
I know death who devours all.

I know everything.
Everything but myself.

François Villon, Sion Sono’s HIMIZU

Favorite Films, 2011

01. The Tree of Life | Terrence Malick

02. Certified Copy | Abbas Kiarostami

03. A Separation | Asghar Farhadi

04. Take Shelter | Jeff Nichols

05. Kill List | Ben Wheatley

06. Drive | Nicolas Winding Refn

07. Melancholia | Lars von Trier

08. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia | Nuri Bilge Ceylan

09. Martha Marcy May Marlene | Sean Durkin

10. Weekend | Andrew Haigh

11. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo | David Fincher

12. Meek’s Cutoff | Kelly Reichardt

13. The Skin I Live In | Pedro Almodóvar

14. I Saw the Devil | Kim Ji-woon

15. Faust | Alexander Sokurov

16. A Dangerous Method | David Cronenberg

17. Century of Birthing | Lav Diaz

18. 50/50 | Jonathan Levine

19. Beginners | Mike Mills

20. Hugo | Martin Scorsese

Honorable Mentions

21. Midnight In Paris | Woody Allen

22. House of Tolerance | Bertrand Bonello

23. Shame | Steve McQueen

24. Attack the Block | Joe Cornish

25. Girl Walk//All Day | Jacob Krupnick

Turning from the often downright gorgeous, radiant light of Llanos, Sufferers is all too apt a title for this monstrosity. A record filled with dread and fear, it is a harrowing experience that investigates another potential of heavily processed sound, one that creates an atmosphere of uneasiness. The claustrophobic rumbles early on, enforcing a gripping and tense mood that mirrors the bleak cover image. They are eventually released, only for the listener to be beset by unrelenting, piercing drones. A masterfully assembled collection of sounds that we are all to eager to lead ourselves away from in our daily existence, as we turn from the harsh realities of life. Here, however, the experience is initiated as an unavoidable one, drawing one into its harsh web of sound in order to confront the ugliness around. A creepiness, an uneasy sense of physical invasion that overtime opens itself to immersion - all here for one to either embrace or reject, revel in or repel.

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Best Albums of 2011 // #8

8. Sound of Arrows | Voyage

After trickling out songs for the last couple of years these guys finally released their first full length album and it didn’t disappoint. It’s supercharged electro pop with intensely danceable beats that takes you on a synthesized musical voyage, just as the aptly titled album promises. Oh yeah, and they hail from Sweden, which seems to have my number when it comes to pop music. 




Ruins of Rome