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FULL NAME: arthur jimmy branham !!

GENDER & SEXUALITY:  male / demi

PRONOUNS:  he / him

ETHINTICITY / SPECIES:  russian american  / human ( sorcerer / magician )

BIRTHPLACE & BIRTHDATE:  richmond, virginia ( supposedly ) / march 3rd ( pisces )

GUILTY PLEASURES:  sweets, children’s toys & movies, lover of cute & dangerous things

PHOBIAS:  ( high to moderate ) fear of fire !! ( moderate ) fear of tight spaces !! ( moderate ) fear of the dark !! ( moderate ) fear of being in a crowd !!

WHAT THEY WOULD BE FAMOUS FOR:  being a hero ( he wishes anyway, not that he wants to be famous though ) !!

WHAT HAVE THEY / WOULD THEY BE ARRESTED FOR: disturbing the peace ?? perhaps an incident with his magic induces panic ?? lbr tho people are deathly afraid of what they can’t understand so anything he may do out of the ordinary would cause trouble !!

OC CHARACTER YOU SHIP THEM WITH: @heavywcrds / @dracoiignis did u mean bae !!

OC CHARACTER MOST LIKELY TO MURDER THEM:  not an oc but @eaterofwxrlds scariest clown alive !!

FAVORITE BOOK GENRE:  sci-fi / comics / fantasy / historical / anything really bc BOOKS !!

LEAST FAVORITE BOOK CLICHE:  how easy it is to spontaneously ?? find love ?? like bro if it’s so easy gimme some of that

TALENTS & / OR POWERS:  magic !! unpredictable and immeasurable on variety and extent !! also, he can play the piano / guitar and sing !!

WHY SOMEONE MIGHT LOVE THEM:  he’s ?? the sweetest thing in the world ?? so devoted to people like smh he’s so self neglecting but all his attention goes to others !! literal saint 2 good 2 pure for this world !!

WHY SOMEONE MIGHT HATE THEM:  that’s a good question ?? i mean, he doesn’t love himself so maybe you hate him because ?? he doesn’t know how to love ?? you hate him because ?? he’s accident prone ?? idk man idk

HOW THEY CHANGE:   when introduced to bonding with others ( platonically or not ), forming relationships helps him learn to love himself because !! someone cares for him for once !! also just ?? by devoting himself to the people / his duty / his friends / his relationships he learns a sense of independence and ?? he strives to be virtuous and !! a role model, at least on the outside, for the young ones !!

WHY YOU LOVE THEM:  no matter what he goes through he remains a good person and that is the best build of character one can have !! he is flawed, he is human, but he tries his best to do others good and in that journey he learns to be strong and do himself well too !! i admire his strength and determination and virtuous character !! plus he is my son i am obligated to love him smh

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  • ✌:You’re awesome
  • (i cant find this flower xD)
  • ✖:I would give you the greatest hug
  • ™:You’re a cinnamon roll
  • 🌙:Please post more
  • 💫:We don’t talk much but I wouldn’t mind being your friend
  • ♧:I wish we were friends in real life

Thank you love so muchh!!! *hugs you* And what are you talking aboout you are my friend!! And I wish I was your friend in real life too ;) have a nice day!

all the love!!!xxxx

no more pleaseee

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Just leave a window open and let a bird bring one to you because obviously you're a disney princess. But in all seriousness I wish you the best, you deserve it :]

!!! I’ve never been called a Disney princess omg……<3 tbh everyone should be treated like royalty including you, anon

You have a wonderful day too! Today is my last day of being 19 so……. wish me luck > o >

I love their friendship so much and I’m disappointed in myself for not drawing something for them yet.

Lance is down with the flu and feeling extremely homesick; Hunk is the World’s Best  Friend and does his best to take care of him :’)

Long version under the cut:

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i wish i could stop


In which Jackie and Clarkson ask the really important question.

I Don’t Want to See You With Her (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: Hii, I was wondering if you could do one with Bucky inspired by the song I dont wanna see you with her - Maria Mena from the reader’s POV maybe? Thanks anyways and your writing skills are amazing Xx

Word Count: 1636

A/N: So much angst. Light smut. Damn this just made me angry. Thank you to the anonymous prompter, you are awesome. Keep sending those imagines in :)

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Shit Abled People Say #234

“I know X who is more disabled then you and they can do this with no issues, so you should stop complaining about it excluding disabled people!”

-multiple “friends” on Facebook after I posted an article regarding the accessibility challenges presented by Pokemon Go


*~Gintoki prints~*

I slightly modified some old drawings to make prints for Otakuthon. You get to choose between fluffy Gintoki and angsty-as-fuck Gintoki 

For those interested in my process for the first one, here’s an old post about it

Knock, Knock Ch. 13: Over-Identifying with Taylor Effing Swift

A/N: Sorry for the insanely long delay. I have most of this story entirely mapped out - it’s just about writing it. And life has been a little bit insane lately for me. And a little bit rude. But yay! I finally got myself a few hours to just write.

(Also just to clarify, I have no hate for the T-Swift and this chapter was named long before whatever weird feud thing is going on right now on the interwebs. The chapter title is simply about identifying with sappy love songs - something I myself can attest to being a swift kick in the lady parts when you’ve previously prided yourself on being independent and capable and totally above the whole lovesick puppy thing.)

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Adulting was the fucking worst.

Seriously, at least some people had the benefit of an idyllic childhood – not Killian, of course, but at the very least it was a possibility. But had anyone ever described a grown-up scenario as idyllic? Not unless they were in a fucking fairy tale. And even then you never actually got to see that part of it. The meat of the story was dragon slaying and evil-stepmother-outsmarting. The floofy happily ever after part was always just a platitude, a sentence to lull children to sleep at night.

No, adulthood was stupid. It was bills and complications and being the bigger person and to-do lists and a whole gamut of bullshit that was so much shittier than even the worst afternoon on the schoolyard.

Killian wasn’t one to whine – no, he was generally the suck it up type – but today he was cranky. After leaving his soul-sucking adult job on Wall Street, he’d opted for a more exciting, a little more carefree and fun-spirited career… only to be slammed in the face with the harsh realities of such a jolly lifestyle.

There’s the cleanup and the logistics and all the basic planning and whatnot. But then there’s the really icky stuff.

Like obtaining sufficient insurance.

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this is my second theme, it’s named after lily may macapinlac, a filipina model who i’ve been stalking since forever. it has a striking resemblance to an instagram theme, and has that instagram profile kind of look and the icon is 80x80 ! all posts resize down to 300px, but since it’s a different dimension message me if any glitches occur pertaining to that ! as always, keep the credit intact, and don’t move, edit or remove it at all. i’ve tried to keep this theme user friendly with all the colors and images pretty customisable, and if you’re good with html you can fiddle with fonts and such if you wish. that being said, i’m only human and i’ve probably missed a few things. message me if you encounter any errors and i’ll be sure to help ! if it’s necessary, i can send you the images i used for the top and bottom instagram bars if you wish to put a psd or gradient on them ! hope you guys enjoy and please like / reblog if you use !



I’m finally back to studying biology<3 But that’s not what I’m about right now. If being honest sometimes I wish I was a cat. Or a dog.. It doesn’t really matter ‘cause there’s moments when it feels like you cannot handle it anymore and just want go to sleep and not to think about anything .. But I’ve never done that because I know what I want and that I need to work super hard to earn that. So I dare you to also work towards your goals and never give up, no matter how hard it might be to you right now!^*^