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When Variety needed someone to step into the shoot the first person they thought about was Jason Madara to whom they offered full creative freedom. “I knew what they wanted was the color. I knew they wanted the green,” says Jason. “When you punch in ‘XFiles’ on Google, that color comes up. So I knew that was the one thing I had to give them. That’s what I loved about this, that I was able to do what I wanted.” With that freedom, and a little bit of understood expectation, Jason was set loose to make the images about what he wanted to make them about: the relationship between these two characters.

In order to get the shoot Jason had to travel up to Vancouver and squeeze it in the middle of a very busy day for the actors. Bringing a full photographic production to Canada has its own challenges, compounded by trying to find just a few moments with the actors. Jason was able to get Anderson and Duchovny for about fifteen minutes which he used as effectively as he could. Duchovny sat with Jason alone for literally less than a minute, but the first frame that he took was perfect and the one that they ended up publishing. As soon as Gillian walked in the room, the entire tenor of the shoot melted into her arms. They still only had a few moments, but Gillian became a great partner for Jason. “Gillian was great because she was kind of flirty with him and that’s what I wanted,” says Jason. She really knew how to handle him. She helped me a lot just by her being there and knowing how to take care of it. She was great. Beautiful. Friendly. And she gave me the look I wanted.” The time they had together was short, but Jason got what he needed effectively and efficiently. Chris Carter, who created The X-Files more than twenty years ago, was also on set and available, resulting in a shot of this exceptional man behind the curtain.

When he got to Vancouver, Jason thought he would have a little bit more time than he did, but things change on the day and that’s a part of the job. To be successful at it, a photographer has to know what to do with the time that they have. Jason’s advice is honest and immediately applicable: “Just adapt.”

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In the light of the rather breathtaking news that Harper Lee’s second novel ‘Go Set A Watchman’ is to be published, I’m re-posting the cover I did for the 50th Anniversary Edition of To Kill A Mockingbird, which was completed in 2009 and published in 2010.

This is the version you haven’t seen before, with Atticus, Boo and Tom Robinson silhouetted in the background (covered by the barcode on the printed cover).

It goes without saying that for whoever gets the cover art for go Set A Watchman, it’ll be a career-defining moment. 



Tiny Flo does Tiny Tasks!
A Super fun project for Arnold worldwide and Progressive. We were challenged to design a set of Job specific action figures for a series of print ads that featured a toy version of “Flo” the Progressive insurance character. This project was a blast, and It is always a joy to work with such a great creative team. Check out this amazing commercial too!


Another hilarious illustration gig for #Bloomberg.

Article here 

Brief breakdown

Super fun gig for a great client with an awesome sense of humor.