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Bernie Sanders now only behind 4 points nationally

Hillary Clinton’s support among Democrats nationally has taken a serious tumble, falling eight points to 43 percent, according to the latest IBD/TIPP Poll. Support for her chief rival, Bernie Sanders, rose six points to 39 percent. As a result, Clinton’s lead over Sanders, which had been 18 points, is now just four points.

The IBD/TIPP Poll shows that regionally, Clinton saw her support drop most in the Northeast (where it fell to 36% from 50%) and the West (37% down from 49%). Sanders now holds the lead in both places. Clinton support also tumbled among suburban voters, dropping to 39% from last a month’s 50%. And she has lost backing among moderate Democrats, falling to 44% from 58%. Sanders picked up 10 points among moderates, to 37%.

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This video just makes me miss Spencer and Brendon together. This is just too bromantic. Thanks Pete. Thanks Spencer. Thanks Brendon. Thanks Panic.
This video needs more attention.

its so weird how whenever a new person becomes a public favorite (ex. bernie sanders, ruby rose), some people rush to look for receipts on the awful stuff that person has done ONLY so they can post it on tumblr like “THIS is the kind of person yall stay gassing up huh?? i bet yall are gonna ignore this :)”

like ok… thank you for sharing that info, we all needed to know that! but what was the point of being so snarky & assholeish about it?? as if it was common information ???