Friday Movie - Twinny twin twin - Twenty twen twen (Funny!!)


anyone else miss Bernie Mack? peep: Nike Lebron James ad w/ Bernie Mack

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The Bernie Mac Show - “The Other Sister” Season 2 (Part 2)

Black comics gone wild reports a wild black comedian – The Bernie Mac Show – “The Other Sister” Season 2 (Part 2). Bernie Mac brings the wild black comedy. ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY — COPYRIGHTS BELONG TO 20TH CENTURY FOX bernie’s younger sister, benita,…

I knew I was gonna see ya, I knew I was gonna see you again!
I was gonna see you again
Where your god damn book bag at?
Always carryin’ that lil book bag
Nobody wanna see that
God damn fourth grader
Sit yo’ ass down
Wanna play it again like he got somethin else to do…
You ain’t got nothin’ else to do
You ain’t doin nothin wit yo life
Nothing with your life
What do you think this is?
You betta look at me when i’m talkin’ to you!
You think this is easy don’t you?
You think this is promised
Oh ain’t nothin promised with you
Look at my face, do I got a promise face?
Does it look like promise you anything?
Ni**a! Is you snorin’ in my class?
Wake up Mr. West! Mr. West 

Slum Village collaborator and one of the finest still doing it from Detroit: here’s towering talent Black Milk with a set of nearly all unreleased originals at Stay True Russia showcase with Ballantine’s.

01.Over – Black Milk
02.Debbs – Black Milk
03.All Mighty – Black Milk
04.Zone – Black Milk
05.Wise Ol – Black Milk
06.Shitting on Niggas – Quelle
07.Need – Black Milk
08.Keep It Coming – Frank & Dank
09.China Funk – Black Milk
10.Wish A Nigga Would – Black Milk
11.Chase – Black Milk
12.Bernie Mack 4 – Black Milk
13.Oohs and Bells – Black Milk
14.Cold Day – Black Milk
15.Lo-Fi Beat 5 – Black Milk
16.Lo-Fi Beat 9 – Black Milk
17.Inner Demons – Mel
18.Black Sabbath – Black Milk
19.Drive Me Wild – J Dilla
20.Losing Out – Black Milk


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