Bernd Eichinger


3096 Tage Review (1) I did watch the movie “3096 Tage” finally today in Cinema. But the most “amazing thing” was: in the metro afterwards on my way home, when I spoke in the metro with an old Lady - maybe around 70 years old  - about watching the film ago and about her roses she did hold in her hands in the metro. So … my review of the movie itself and all staff - will come later on in my blog. This very handsome slow down today, I did never ever expected for watching this movie! // =WARUM? hast du MICH ausgesucht?”

Photo Set: from my way home AFTER 3096 Tage


The Perfume - The Story of a Murderer


“Nur die Knarre löst die Starre” (Andreas Baader).

The trailer aims a lot at expectations people have, when it comes to contemporary “Hollywood” cinema. The movie is a lot better than that, albeit commercial enough to be entertaining. Produced by Bernd Eichinger (The Downfall).