n61_w1150 by Biodiversity Heritage Library
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[Water-color sketches of plants of North America and Europe]. .

when two people know each other for a long time, it’s easy to kind of lose touch. especially since a lot of supernatural things had been happening in aya’s life that she wanted to keep jun away from , for his safety.

however, since the source of her grief , was now dead and she had nothing to worry about, she was slowly getting back in touch with those who she held dear to her. one of them, was her senpai from high school, jun. they had met a few months ago on vs arashi again and had some time to catch up and show nice pictures to each other.

but they haven’t actually had dinner together for almost one year. with his birthday coming soon and her return from bermuda island, she had agreed to treat him to dinner. thus, the fairy was carrying a bag with seashells she had collected with kenichi’s help , and a box with fishmeat balls. a delicacy sold in bermuda that jun had to taste no matter what. and of course, she was also carrying a bougainvillea bonsai. the gift of apology , as she called it.

“i hope i’m not too early.” she thought to herself while waiting outside of a restaurant close to jun’s house.