Berkeley Film

me: mom can we go see this play it’s at uc berkeley–

mom: that’s in california

me: yeah

mom: we live in connecticut

me: okay yeah but the male lead is a girl and it’s gonna be gay this is important news jd is a girl it’s gay and boy don’t get me started on how fucking cute the mac is i want to protect her forever


Stills from Cha’s Permutations,1976,16 mins                     

“For this time, however, The pure, magical states (before any “making” even begins,) the artist, given the gift of Medium, partaking in transformation processes captures eternal wonder. I cannot help but to express the overwhelming sensation that almost resembles a returning, an abandon, a salvation from the struggle of being human, to only the purest of pure”

Paths, MFA Thesis, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, May,1978. Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive