31 Day FE:Fates Art Challenge | Day 04: Favourite character from Nohr?

I couldn’t choose one…. so I chose 3. 

Benny/Benoit, Niles/Zero and Odin! 

Benny is the most adorable! Huge scary guy who is actually adorable is my aesthetic uwu~ Niles is just such an entertaining character and I love his supports. And I love Odin’s dialogue, like he is, in general, pretty inspiring! 

I personally love a handful of characters from either side and it was incredibly difficult to choose between all of them;;; This is what I’ve become. Overachiever Eri! (Weeps keep in mind;;; I tend to gravitate towards male characters when it comes to my favourites. Alternatively, I would have chosen Camilla and Elise. As well as Charlotte.) Let’s see how long it’ll take before we get to the next ‘day’!