So you all should know by now I have a huge thing for the older men of (any media ever) Fire Emblem Fates….. so ofc that would carry over to my poor Fatesona. All these gorgeous older men (and women, but that’s a whole another post) in and out of armor……


Don’t even think my loyalty would be so easily broken!


Versailles + Relationships [Sophie de Clermont & Benoît ‘the builder’]

“It can never be, between us.” 
“I know.”


Second gen mothers (here)

Father’s A-H (You are here!)

Father’s I-S (Here)

Father’s S-Z (Here)

BTW, they’re captioned

Second gen will be done later!

If it is not in bold I have not linked it yet.

Wanna see more?

F!Kanna with mothers A-E (Here)

F!Kanna with mothers F-M (Here)

F!Kanna with mothers N-Y (Here) + Zero!F!Kanna

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I couldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass by without writing something about Benny!

I hope you guys like it!

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“Am I doing this right?” asked Corrin, examining the brown mixture dubiously.

“It would turn out better if you would just let me do it,” said Peri, exasperated. “Making good chocolate takes practice.”

“I told you, I want to make it myself so it will be special,” Corrin repeated, scraping the bottom of the pan. “But I think I ruined this batch. Do we have any more?”

“Not enough for you to mess up again and still have enough for the other girls,” said Peri.

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31 Day FE:Fates Art Challenge | Day 04: Favourite character from Nohr?

I couldn’t choose one…. so I chose 3. 

Benny/Benoit, Niles/Zero and Odin! 

Benny is the most adorable! Huge scary guy who is actually adorable is my aesthetic uwu~ Niles is just such an entertaining character and I love his supports. And I love Odin’s dialogue, like he is, in general, pretty inspiring! 

I personally love a handful of characters from either side and it was incredibly difficult to choose between all of them;;; This is what I’ve become. Overachiever Eri! (Weeps keep in mind;;; I tend to gravitate towards male characters when it comes to my favourites. Alternatively, I would have chosen Camilla and Elise. As well as Charlotte.) Let’s see how long it’ll take before we get to the next ‘day’!