Heightsiversary Party P2: Ripples in a Pond

I always think about what Priscilla Lopez said to me during “In the Heights.” She said, “You’re throwing a rock in the pond, and you have no idea the ripples that are going to come back.” I’m grateful for every wave that is going to come back.

Anthony Lee Medina (Usnavi) - Laurens/Phillip in Hamilton (Broadway)

Rubén J. Carbajal - Laurens/Phillip in Hamilton (Tour)

Gabrielle Ruiz (Carla/Nina) - Valencia on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Joel Perez (Usnavi) - last seen in the original Broadway cast of Fun Home

Samantha Marie Ware - Peggy/Maria in Hamilton (Chicago)

Joseph Morales (Usnavi) - Hamilton in Hamilton (Chicago)

Lexi Lawson (Vanessa) - Eliza in Hamilton (Broadway)

Chris Lee (Benny) - Lafayette/Jefferson in Hamilton (Chicago)

In the Heights really was my attempt to make a way for myself. And I’m so happy that it’s made a professional life for so many Latino actors. I had an actor come up to me once at a studio, and he said, “I’ve played Kevin twice and Piragua Guy three times in different regional productions all over the country.” He has a living because Heights is getting done. So I’m enormously gratified by that. 

So I made a playlist for the wonderful fic ‘Flyboys’ by @gefionne featuring time appropriate music! It is both on 8tracks and Playmoss for those who cannot use or prefer not to use 8tracks for some reason or another. Hope you enjoy!

8tracks link:

Playmoss link:

Link to Flyboys:

Track List:

  • 1. Eagle Squadron - Kenneth J. Alford.
  • 2. Into The Wild Blue Yonder -The King Sisters
  • 3. This Is The Army Mr Jones - Irving Berlin
  • 4. Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer - Anne Shelton
  • 5. Its a Pair of Wings for Me - Nat Gonella
  • 6. Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machine - Ron Goodwin
  • 7. The White Cliffs Of Dover - Vera Lynn
  • 8. I Fell In Love With An Airman - Tessie OShea
  • 9. Cheek To Cheek - Fred Astaire
  • 10. Bless Em All - Billy Cotton & His Band
  • 11. He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings - Kay Kayser
  • 12. You’re A Sweet Little Headache - Bing Crosby
  • 13. Be Careful It’s My Heart - Frank Sinatra
  • 14. Practice Makes Perfect - Bob Chester, Al Stuart
  • 15. I’ll Get By - Harry James
  • 16. There I’ve Said It Again - Vaughn Monroe
  • 17. Shhh, It’s A Military Secret - Glenn Miller
  • 18. Love Is The Sweetest Thing - Henry Hall
  • 19. I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me - Helen Forrest
  • 20. Temptation - Bing Crosby
  • 21. (Why Couldn’t It Last) Last Night - Glenn Miller, Ray Eberle
  • 22. I Could Write A Book Eddy - Duchin, Tony Leonard
  • 23. I Guess I’ll Have To Dream The Rest - Glenn Miller
  • 24. I Can’t Stand Losing You - Ink Spots
  • 25. People Will Say We’re In Love - Bing Crosby & Trudy Erwin
  • 26. 11 60 P.M. - Harry James, Kitty Kallen
  • 27. Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major - Arthur Askey
  • 28. The Way You Look Tonight - Billie Holiday
  • 29. Call Me Irresponsible - Bobby Darin
  • 30. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Baby - Doris Day
  • 31. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered - Ella Fitzgerald
  • 32. I’ve Got You Under My Skin - Frank Sinatra
  • 33. I Know Why (And So Do You) - Glenn Miller
  • 34. Someone To Watch Over Me - Helen Forrest
  • 35. If I Didn’t Care - Ink Spots
  • 36. Lets Misbehave - Irving Aaronson
  • 37. It Can’t Be Wrong - Dick Haymes & The Song Spinners
  • 38. Little Things Mean A Lot - Kitty Kallen
  • 39. For Sentimental Reasons - Nat King Cole
  • 40. Mr. Wonderful - Peggy Lee
  • 41. I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good) - Peggy Lee, Benny Goodman
  • 42. They Cant Black Out The Moon - Sam Browne
  • 43. You Always Hurt The One You Love - The Mills Brothers

anonymous asked:

Dean and Benny?

my boiiiiis yes

1. Who is more of a ler and who is more of a lee?

omg Benny is completely the ler and Dean is the lee, sometimes it switches but like….omg Benny would be such an amazing teasy ler ugh 

2. Who (pretends) they hate being tickled and who openly admits it?

DEAN caNNOT EVEN SAY THE WORD. benny revels in this. he doesn’t mind saying he thinks tickling is fun. dean turns into a tomato the moment the dreaded t word is mentioned because he’s a fucking dork.

3. Who prefers gentle tickles and who prefers getting Totally WreckedTM?

I think they both appreciate gentle tickles but you know Dean looooooves being WRECKED 

4. What are each of their most ticklish spots?

Dean’s hips 5ever. Benny probably is most ticklish on his tummy/sides/ribs as well as his feet and maybe thighs. 

5. Bondage? Pinned down? Tickle fights? Quick tickles in passing? What do each of them prefer?

Benny likes more of a fight so it can be a bit of a wrestling match and they can both have a go. Dean loves when Benny pins him down or cuffs him so he doesn’t have to waste effort pretending he wants to fight back.

6. Favorite tickle headcanons for this pair?

Benny uses his beard to scritch at Dean’s tummy and thighs and it drives him INSANE. He also has this bubbly giggle he gets when he really gets Dean going.


a mix for poorly heated rooms in freezing Brooklyn, dimly lighted English pubs and barely hidden longing gazes. for fearless Captain America and his loyal companion (for little Steve Rogers and his brave protector).  


louis armstrong&his orchestra - i can’t give you anything but love. benny goodman - sing, sing, sing. tommy dorsey&his orchestra - i hadn’t anyone till you.the andrews sisters - there’ll be a hot time in berlin. the star spangled sisters - star spangled man. the andrews sisters - boogie woogle bugle boy. mieczysław fogg - ostatnia niedziela. paul whiteman&jack fulton - how deep is the ocean. benny goodman&peggy lee - somebody else is taking my place.the mills brothers - till then.


Still Glowing, Pretty As You Please

The Tops is humming and so is Jupiter, thumbing her cards and glancing up at her husband across the table. A few stray patrons wander here and there, some headed toward the slot machines and the rest toward the door. Swank’s at the counter, nothing new, seeing everyone out and making sure the drunks have somewhere to go or someone to go with.

(He’s funny like that, Swank is. Always cares, even after all these years of arguing with the same people that they ain’t that drunk, they got a good place lined up, maybe they’ll hit Gomorrah on the way back to Freeside cuz God knows they’re just fine.)

Jupiter looks back at Benny and he flashes that warm smile of his. “Gotta put somethin’ down, baby.”

“Eh.” She shrugs noncommittally and drops her cards. “Ain’t like we’re playing for anythin’ other than a kiss and a drink anyhow.”

“Gettin’ tired?”

“Thinkin’ we should put the li’l monsters to bed ’fore they tear up the suite.”

He folds, scattering a hand of ones and a four and a jack from a different deck across the table before standing up and sliding her chair out.

(A real gentleman, her Benny. Ain’t always been that way, but boy is she ever glad he is now. He opens doors for her and all, too.)

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A joyful playlist for Arthur Hastings.

  1. Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes 
  2. On the Sunny Side of the Street by Peggy Lee & Benny Goodman
  3. It’s A Good Day by Peggy Lee
  4. Keep Smilin’, Keep Laughin’, Be Happy by Doris Day
  5. When You’re Smiling by Louis Prima
  6. Sh-Boom by The Chords
  7. Lollipop by The Chordettes
  8. My Favorite Things by Julie Andrews
  9. Everyday by Buddy Holly
  10. Good Morning by Singing in the Rain

Credit to @arthur-hastings for the cover art <3

Listen here on 8tracks

How Long Has This Been Going On?
Peggy Lee & Benny Goodman
How Long Has This Been Going On?

Benny Goodman & his orchestra with Peggy Lee — How Long Has This Been Going On? (1941)

There were chills up my spine,
And some thrills I can’t define.
Listen, sweet—I repeat:
How long has this been going on?

my-namesjeff replied to your post “ask me questions about dragcon i’m bored and wanna Talk”

Omg who did you meet while you were there?


I may have forgotten some, but:
i got to see Naomi Smalls, Sasha Velour, Alyssa Edwards, Valentina, Shea, Eureka, Farrah, Kandy Muse, Vicky Vox, Kasha Davis, Aja, Laila, Alexis Michelle, Bob TDQ, Katya, Alaska, Courtney, Jinkx, Mar, Kim Chi, Pearl, Sharon, Vigor Mortis Velour, Johnny Velour, Trixie, Chi Chi, Scarley Envy, Kimora, and a few other people I probably forgot again

and i got to meet Vicky Vox, Gidget Von Addams, Discord Addams, J, Vander Von Odd, Dusty Rae Bottoms, Trannika Rex, Lisa Limbaugh, Rubberchild, Miss Toto, Robbie Turner, Vanity Faire, Violet, Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Benny Bijou, Comet, and plenty of others for the very first time !!

anonymous asked:

ooooo have u ever considered a walking dead au that'd be p sad

OOOOOOoooooohh………..FUCK. I should’ve seen this one coming.

For this I’m gonna go by the games cause I’ve only ever seen playthroughs of those and not the actual TV show (I’m a loser, I know) but YES. That would be SO god damned sad! For the first game season I’m picturing Sonny as the Clementine figure and Benny as Lee. Sonny got separated from Usnavi and the rest of his family (his mom, and Usnavi’s parents) so Benny has to keep Sonny safe until he finds them. And as they move they pick up the rest of the barrio fam slowly along the way. I’m don’t feel like thinking up who would bite the big one in this AU and how they would, but for now, one scene that’s clear is that maybe the group is walking through a horde covered in zombie guts and Sonny sees his zombie-fied mom and Usnavi’s parents in the street. After some TLC from Nina maybe the barrio fam finds some place to settle and build their little society. And one day, taking a page from Season 2 of the game, maybe at one point Sonny goes outside to see the barrio fam armed and surrounding the entrance. Sonny hears a familiar voice and pushes his way through the crowd and, surprise, it’s Usnavi! Fluffy cousin reunion!

Aaaand, that’s all I got so far. But if you guys can think of scenarios involving separation, tough choices, and zombie-fication quickly followed by death based on the show and/or the games, feel free to pitch them. Maybe then we can eventually get a masterpost with a coherent story here.


So I was going through some old files on my computer and came across some old photos of my Red Robin and Black Bat costumes back from 2012

The old photoset was back here:

These costumes were made by me and based off of a concept design from way yonder over here:

Photos by Benny Lee photography

Heroes of Cosplay GIF:

Ep. 4 - Cosplay Pains

The only reason I decided to do this GIF is because indeed corsets done up too tightly/improperly can impair breathing, a la Elizabeth Swan in the opening of Pirates of the Caribbean, so I thought it was weird that the photos would still be taken as she’s quite obviously struggling.

I have a lot of respect for Benny Lee, the photographer, so I can’t really think he’d not notice Yaya struggling and keep taking pictures which is exactly how it appears in the episode. Even just for the sake of the shoot she’s out of pose, and thus that’d be a weird reason to keep shooting too.

Again I respect Benny and trust that he would actually be very helpful and stop taking pictures, so I’m going to attribute this to ‘SyFy’ magic’s editing.