“People with antisocial personality disorder exhibit a lack of conscience, even towards friends and family members. Their destructive behavior surfaces in childhood adolescence, beginning in excessive lying, fighting, stealing, violence, or manipulation.

They basically don’t care about any negative consequences of their actions, and because they lack the capacity for empathy, they don’t give a dang about you, or anyone else.” (x)


Russell Malone, Christian McBride & Benny Green - Jingles

This is a remarkable performance, the percussion-less trio stay amazingly tight. The ability of the bassist really stands out here I think, he doesn’t miss a beat and does a solo that comfortably matches the also excellent work of Russell and Benny. Definitely worth a listen!



Blue Monk


Ray Brown Trio


Benny Green – piano
Ray Brown – bass
Greg Hutchinson – drums

What few people, apart from musicians, have never seemed to grasp is that he is not simply the best popular singer of his generation…but the culminating point in an evolutionary process which has refined the art of interpreting words set to music. Nor is there even the remotest possibility he will have a successor. Sinatra was the result of a fusing of a set of historical circumstances which can never be repeated.
—  Benny Green on Frank Sinatra


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