I hope Dan and Phil quit participating in “YouTuberReact”

hopefully all the good youtubers will be like,

 “Fuck you Fine bros! React™ to this!!” *middle finger*

If you have no idea what I am talking about, basically the FineBros have trademarked the word “React” and basically claim that react videos our theirs.

You can watch the FineBros videos about it, here and here. But if you don’t want to give them money this nice attorney is giving Pro Bono advice and explanations as to what is happening, here and here is a reddit about it. 

The FineBros are also loosing subscribers (me being one of them) and you can watch their hilarious demise here (it makes me laugh).

Chris also made an awesome tweeted about it.


on the upside, a sort of meme has been created and people are now saying stuff like “I am trademarking ducks” etc (it’s funny, in just not explaining it well)

also, i am announcing that I have trademarked Shit™ so I own your fecal matter and can do whatever I want with it.


Time for the batTLE OF THE CENTURYYYY 

we got our 24 tributes 

lots of running away 

poor troye didn’t last very long (wow zoe i didn’t think you had it in you)

here we got a smarty

for fucks sake sean you guys are in the same fucking district


wow guys haven’t you learned not to stalk people

day 1 deaths featuring beautiful icons ehhh

oooh alfie’s gonna be jealous

dammit ken

wow zoella you’re supposed to be killing people


alright now let’s skip ahead a bit

here we got cry acting like he’s the shit

here we got some erotic snuggling

awww baby i’m cheering for you

again? wowwwww


OH. well i guess this is the end of #phean

current stats

district 5 should be looked out for

SEE (they’re so full of themselves damn)

guys’s night out 

oh hELL TO ThE nO

what’s this? district 5 is down, i rePEAT DISTRICT 5 IS DOWN (down in an earlier round ;)

and now we got the (extremely uneventful, wow anthony) final kill

i personally was rooting for phil buuuttttt alfie is the winner!

*le final standings* 

Eyebrows from God, looks like God threaded them.
—  Lin-Manuel Miranda on Chris Jackson’s eyebrows
what's going on with The FineBros:

in short: The FineBros have trademarked their channel name “react” (and probably their ‘shows’ like Kids React) for React World. Which is on it’s own no problem; they are just trying to grow and make their content available for everyone.

The problem is The FineBros have a history of blowing out on people who “stole” their content (Like Ellen Degeneres ect.). And now they can LEGALLY take actions against anyone who tries to “steal” their content.

It doesn’t matter how many times they are going to say they won’t do that because they have said the same in the past but still took actions against, for instance, youtube channels.

The whole idea of React World is ok, but the trademarking is very scary because of their previous actions which are now legal.