Time for the batTLE OF THE CENTURYYYY 

we got our 24 tributes 

lots of running away 

poor troye didn’t last very long (wow zoe i didn’t think you had it in you)

here we got a smarty

for fucks sake sean you guys are in the same fucking district


wow guys haven’t you learned not to stalk people

day 1 deaths featuring beautiful icons ehhh

oooh alfie’s gonna be jealous

dammit ken

wow zoella you’re supposed to be killing people


alright now let’s skip ahead a bit

here we got cry acting like he’s the shit

here we got some erotic snuggling

awww baby i’m cheering for you

again? wowwwww


OH. well i guess this is the end of #phean

current stats

district 5 should be looked out for

SEE (they’re so full of themselves damn)

guys’s night out 

oh hELL TO ThE nO

what’s this? district 5 is down, i rePEAT DISTRICT 5 IS DOWN (down in an earlier round ;)

and now we got the (extremely uneventful, wow anthony) final kill

i personally was rooting for phil buuuttttt alfie is the winner!

*le final standings* 

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Benny and 19

19. “I’m scared.”

(gif is not mine)

The hostile vampire had you in its grasp.  Your eyes were locked on Benny’s as tears spilled over your cheeks.  You had never seen Benny so focused on not losing control before.

“Let her go,” Benny ordered, his voice low.  “[Y/N] doesn’t have to get hurt.  This is between you and I.”

“Benny, I’m scared,” you whispered, your voice fragile and small.

“Don’t ya worry Sugar Belle, you’ll be just fine,” Benny reassured you.  “This man will let you go and we can settle this like men.”  Benny leveled his eyes with the vampire behind you.  He was ready to tear this man apart if it meant saving your life.

The wayward vampire tossed you aside, throwing you into a tree.  He lunged himself at Benny, only to be tossed around like a rag doll.  Once Benny was done with the vampire that had threatened your life, he rushed to your side.

“Ya okay [Y/N],” Benny asked sweetly.  He cradled your face in his hands, seeing the cut on your forehead.  He turned his head away from the cut for a few seconds.  “We’ll get ya all fixed up, I promise.”

You wrapped your arms around Benny’s neck as he picked you up off of the ground.  He had to be strong, for your sake.  He would try his best to keep you safe.  No one was ever going to hurt you, not while he was around.

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There’s a post floating around out there, a ficlet I write to go with a nsfw picture. Someone deleted my fic and replaced it with destiel tags.
I’m a multishipper, but that’s not okay. I wrote a fic that was use your imagination. You wanna imagine Cas, fine. Benny? Fine. Sam? Fine. Whatever, but deleting the fic I wrote and replacing it with destiel tags has me so angry I don’t even know what to do.

The Essence of a Name (Benny x F!Corrin)

A submission by @necromancy-enthusiast

Conquest Spoilers

“Papa, how come I have a Hoshidan middle name?” Ignatius asked his father. Benny looked from Kana, who was cradled in his arms and ready to be put down for his nap, to his elder son.

“Why do you ask?” Benny replied. Ignatius looked away and fidgeted with the good luck charm he wore as a necklace.

“Well, it’s just…When I was playing with some other kids, we started telling each other our middle names, and when I said mine, they said it sounded funny.” Ignatius said.

“You’re half Hoshidan. Kana’s name is Hoshidan.” Benny said.

“I know but…Kana’s middle name makes sense since his first name is Hoshidan too. Kana Takumi sounds alright. But…” Ignatius trailed off, not really sure how to word what he wanted to say next. “Ignatius Ryoma sounds weird.”

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: BENNY. DEAN AND BENNY. DENNY. Is it a dream or hallucination we don't care as long as Dean keeps dreaming or hallucinating for the rest of the show because BENNY look he's right there with the beard and the smile and the BENNY I am FINE I am TOGETHER i am CALM hi Benny just stay forever come to the bunker have some hot cocoa and use your calming beard powers to snuggle the mark of Cain RIGHT OFF DEAN'S ARM no one knows where Cas is no one cares destiel what's Destiel forget that just cook Dean some gumbo and stay forever I LOVE YOU BENNY