Benny // Because I feel like he is the most underappreciated character on Supernatural, and I’ve got to be honest if I could bring anyone back I would be awfully tempted to choose him. The whole show is about brotherly love and sacrifice. Benny WAS brotherly love and sacrifice.

People forget about Benny and it’s not right. He was literally a brother to Dean. The bond that they had was so strong. Their entire relationship was constant give and take. They gave each other reason to fight; they saved each other.

When they got out of purgatory and Dean found Sam, Benny fell into the background. But lets not forget, Benny didn’t have a Sam. Dean was his Sam. He willingly let go of his only real connection to this world, so that Dean could be happy with his ‘real’ brother. I think that’s why Benny gave up. He didn’t have Dean to fight with any longer. And even when everyone questioned his loyalty, he stayed true. Even when Dean asked him to pay the ultimate price for someone else’s mistake, he gave his own life. Why? Because he was selfless and loved Dean like his own flesh and blood. People say Benny is happier being in purgatory, but the only reason that’s true is because the real world was so painful for him. The only reason he didn’t belong, is because he had no one after he lost Dean. He died so that Dean could have Sam back, because he understood what Dean was going through, because Dean was his Sam. He died so the person he loved most, could have the person they loved most.

Knowing that Dean killed Benny with such little hesitation still haunts me. I love Dean, but I hate the fact that he would so easily murder one brother to save another. Benny was hopeless and worn down from being alone, and I feel like Dean took advantage of that. And Dean still hasn’t tried to bring him back… 

Benny was broken, loving, loyal, selfless, sacrificed, and ultimately… forgotten.

And like can you imagine the aftermath? Benny and Dean tied together, with Benny’s come still filling Dean up in slow wet spurts that make Dean shiver and moan even though he’s too sensitive for another round, and Benny holding him close and stroking his hair and wiping the sweat off his forehead and murmuring in his ear about how good Dean feels and how sweet he is and how pretty he looks all flushed and needy 

and dean being like ‘dude I’m a grown ass man you don’t have to woo me like this is my first time or something’ but benny doesn’t stop praising him until either dean falls asleep or benny can pull out…and dean doesn’t really want him to anyways 

OK so there’s this movie, Ram Leela, and it’s a bollywood retelling of Romeo and Juliet. That’s not important. 

What IS important is that in this movie there’s this one song, Lahu Munh Lag Gaya, where Romeo and Juliet are playing holi, and instead of Juliet throwing the color on Romeo, like you’re supposed to do, she puts it on herself and it’s like super hot wow ok.

SO. LIKE. In Citizen Fang, when Desmond manages to wound Dean in the neck a lil bit and then he stands up and gets the blood on his fingers and is like ‘huh how bout that’ and Benny’s all ‘o shit’ so like instead of Benny turning away, he just stares at Dean like he’s a seven course meal all for him. And Dean smirks and acts like he’s going to hold his fingers out for Benny to lick clean…

BUT then he pulls his hand back and wipes the blood over his own mouth instead. And Benny just caves. He watches Dean smear blood over his mouth and then down his neck and across his chest, all the while looking Benny dead in the face, and Benny cannot physically stop himself from surging forward and kissing and biting and licking every part of Dean he can get to, and Dean’s got him so worked up they end up fucking right there on the abandoned warehouse floor.

And then afterwards Benny’s like ‘dean you are playing with fire darlin’ and Dean’s all ‘I know. I love it. And I love you. And fuck Sam you should come with us. Hunt with us. He’ll come around. I’ll keep you honest if that’s what you need, but no one’s saying you have to deny who or what you are.’ And Benny’s a little bit in awe but then again Dean Winchester has a real habit of surprising people.

OH AND I DIDN’T EVEN MENTION that the literal translation of that song is ‘I have tasted blood on my lips’ SO LIKE IT WAS MEANT TO BE

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That moment when you find yourself naming off all the characters that the supernatural writers need to bring back

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Edit: July 17 2014 cause I realized I forgot people and I forgot Number 7

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