Benny & Joon


we were just kids when we fell in love - a richie/eddie playlist

mad love - neon trees // home - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros // come on eileen - dexys midnight runners // talk too much - coin // the backpack song - bear attack // buddy holly - weezer // i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you - black kids // collar full - panic! at the disco // ordinary world - green day // your song - elton john // benny & joon - william beckett // can’t help falling in love - haley reinhart // i found - amber run // flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine // tonight, tonight - the smashing pumpkins // here (in your arms) - hellogoodbye // the saltwater room - owl city // perfect - ed sheeran // smile - uncle kracker // i would - coin // two ghosts - harry styles // my heart is buried in venice - ricky montgomery // here comes the sun - the beatles

It’s important to me that I mention that my mother was the main bar waitress for Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp while he filmed Benny and Joon in the 1990s in Spokane and Winona Ryder would buy my mother starbucks and invited her to the wrap party at the end of filming and Johnny Depp poured a super soaker of tequila in to my mother’s mouth so if people think my stories are wild I need people to know my mother is where I get it from

Warning: swearing

A/N: new story idea? maybe? let me know what you think. Based off of this prompt “I want a person that comes into my life by accident and stays on purpose.”

“Pete this is my last day no if’s, and but’s, after tonight I’m gone” you say to your boss. After years of being harassed by drunk men, crap hours that ruin your social life.

“Oh no come on (y/n) don’t be like that” your boss, Pete, pleads

“No Pete” you say forcefully trying to get the message across he sighs and goes off to storage in the back to restock shelves while you go and serve customers.


At around 8, near the end of your shift, it’s dead and you were just about to walk to the staff room to collect your stuff and walk out but there is always just that one guy who walks in at the last minute.

“Hey, ah, you still open?” the man ask

“Um, yeah, sure what’ll it be?” reluctant to give in

“Scotch. Neat” you don’t move and stare him down. He feels you staring at him, realizing that you’re not moving to get his drink and gives you a confused look


“Dude, I’ve had a long night” seeing if he is smart enough to get what you were implying

“So have I yo- oh I see.” Bingo.

“May I please have a scotch? Neat” he corrects himself

“Oh well sure you can sweetie” you turn and get his drink. You turn back to him with his drink to see him with a confused look on his face.

“What’s up honey?” you ask, wiping down the bench

“Why the term of endearment?” he asks

“Oh sorry I call everyone that, sorry if it makes you uncomfortable” you reply no one ever really commented on the little nicknames I give them.

“No, no it’s fine” taking a sip of his drink

“Oh and thank you” he comments lifting his drink with a cheeky smile you laugh

“No problem” you chuckle. After a few minutes of silence which consisted of you cleaning and the customer staring at his drink. When you look up and see his face you know something isn’t right and he isn’t happy so you walk over to him and ask him

“What’s wrong sweetie?” he sighs

“Work, relationships shit why don’t we start the list of what isn’t wrong” he says frustrated you sigh and grab the tequila from the shelf, hiding it when your boss walks out asking if you would be locking up which you reply yes to. Pete walks out, you bring the tequila into view and grab two shot glasses, pouring the drink into the glasses taking one and drinking it down in one go, the man being very surprised but quickly coming over the fact that you drank on the job, and grabbed his shot and drank it both of you slamming it down on the bench, both of you also exhale deeply

“I’m (y/n) you tell him

“Johnny” he replies, a surprised but happy smile on his face. It was nice for him to meet someone who didn’t know him

“I’m really sorry but I really have to lock up” you say apologetically

“Oh of course. Um here” he hands you the money for his drink

“Um are you working tomorrow night?” Johnny asks you as you both walk out and you turn to lock the door

“Oh well. I’m-” you turn to face him and see the hope in his eyes

“Yeah. Yes I will be working tomorrow night” you give in. so much for last night.

“Amazing. So I’ll see you tomorrow night?”

“Sure” he gives you a hug, surprising you, letting go before you can react

“Bye” he calls out walking to his car

“See you later” you mutter.


Happy Birthday, Johnny Depp

(June 9, 1963)

My Forever Hero

“I was always fascinated by people who are considered completely normal, because I find them the weirdest of all.”
- Johnny