Employers Want Broadly Educated New Hires

College presidents and corporate executives have signed a compact emphasizing the importance to a successful career of a broad, liberal-arts education.

 aka: Employers are looking for thinkers and people instead of just students who have proven professors can fill their minds with knowledge.

aka^2: people want to hear from the minds of Bennington Grads


Pictured above: Final from my seven week printmaking class Simple Book Multiples

The assignment was to do something with text and collaboration.

I drew quotes from my notes from my Second Language and Cultural Acquisition class, played around with them so that each one started with a verb and ended with a noun, asked five language learners to translate the quotes into a language they did not grow up speaking, (in this case Chinese, French, Arabic, German, and Russian) fiddled with the formatting, printed films and headed to the shop. 

To print the pages I used a combination of mono-printing for the background and screen-printing for the text.  

In my book work I am fascinated by complexity, sequencing, framing and layering. I wanted to use the translations as a visual wash filling and bleeding off the pages and then cut out windows to frame and capture the original English. However, when the reader turns the page, the window then frames the translation and the quote is left floating. 

Finally I bound the book with a soft cloth cover.

-Selina ‘15

Thanks to Glennis '15 for modeling! 

Bennington's Egg: A Synthesis of Collaboration and Individualism

Almost a month ago now, a space much unlike any other space that’s ever existed before on campus went up for a couple hours on the day that Mariko Silver, our new president, was inaugurated. 

This temporary, reusable and inflatable structure, “the Egg” (as we referred to it during its construction), was designed and constructed, collaboratively by a group of 12 students (including myself) with the guidance and leadership of digital arts faculty member, Guy Snover ‘06 and sculpture technician, John Umphlett MFA '99 throughout the span of 9 weeks in a sculpture class called The Field Research of Closed Cells. That very day, was the first day that any of us had ever seen it entirely inflated; it was the first time we were able to actually enter and experience the interior of the structure ourselves, given the fact that the entire time we were piecing it together, we were only able to assume what the experience itself would be like through imagination and the help of 3-D modeling. It was either going to work and be successful, both conceptually and functionally, or literally fall flat. I’d say that despite some struggles in the process of fabricating this beautiful, monster of a space, we all came together to not only enjoy the fruit of our labor but also revel in the experience of seeing and knowing that the audience of the day truly understood how transformative it was. After all, this was a project for the College that was designed to reflect what being a student at Bennington is all about, physically as well figuratively.

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Bathroom Review: CAPA (Faculty Lounge Solo)

Quality bathroom. Designed by the faculty themselves. This bathroom review is in honor of St Patrick’s Day because green. This bathroom is for FACULTY ONLY. It was very difficult to get the necessary permits to enter the faculty lounge, but once I knocked it became apparent that no one ever uses the faculty lounge for anything but coffee anyways so who cares? Green. Sink and extra reflective mirror provided by Duravit: Your #1 Source for Water! I included a look under the hood in for any of you plumbing junkies out there. 250 Toilet Seat Covers included but only one toilet! Please explain?? I noticed that one of the four elusive walls of this rarely found bathroom was completely empty (besides the green) so I have thought of some uses for this wall:
1) Install jukebox? Music is very import!
2) Racquetball? As of now we have no racquetball court on campus, and since all you need to play racquetball is a room, why not this one?
3) More green? Since we already have so much green, why not add some more? Maybe a life sized cutout of Shrek? Maybe just plant some grass? Anything to go green.
4) Demolish? If this wall were demolished it would lead into the rest of CAPA, making the entire building a bathroom. Very useful. Maybe then we can fit the 3 people that the sign is trying to depict into this bathroom. Until then, who knows whether we can accomplish triple use.

Safety: 6 out of 10
Comfort: 8 out of 10
Design: O out of 10
Comfort: 6 out of 10

Don’t pretend!

-Alex BG

anonymous asked:

what is the relationship like between bennington and marlboro college?

We’re like cousins. We live close to each other - we’re cut from the same cloth - but we don’t really hangout. Maybe if we lived farther apart we’d at least make the effort to get together for the holidays. We’re cool —- just not super involved in each other’s lives.

Take care & rock on,
-Selina ‘15