why you should read wolfsong by tj klune

  • it’s gay. come on now. i know y’all don’t need more than that.
  • gay werewolves.
  • werewolves who are gay. 
  • a gay witch
  • joe bennett
  • joe
  • fucking
  • bennett
  • also ox matheson
  • sweet, beautiful oxnard matheson
  • but seriously the characters are amazing. it’s so well-written. the world-building is A+, the relationships are so raw and profound, and the writing is descriptive and emotional. you will cry like 20 times
  • the plot is epic and action-packed too, it reads like a movie sometimes
  • candy canes and pinecones and epic and awesome
  • have i mentioned the gay werewolves?
  • it’s 2018. let’s all stop pretending we wouldn’t fuck a werewolf if given the chance
  • it’s a standalone right now, but three more books are coming!! more opportunities to cry!
  • a gay book, with a canon bisexual main character, they actually say the word bisexual, and it’s written by a gay man
  • guess what? pretty much all werewolves are sexually fluid, and that is mentioned in the book
  • friendship, love, family, emotions that will knock you on your ass
  • no love triangles
  • that soulmate shit we all love
  • there is no fandom (we’re building one tho!) which means YOU can create all the content you want for it - art, fics, whatever floats your boat
  • honestly if you weren’t interested by the gay werewolves i don’t know what to tell you
  • read this book

lmao I still can’t get over the fact that in JP’s mind it makes total sense to pitch a spinoff where Caroline teaches kids magic (because how many kid vampires are there, like how does that even happen?) and potentially ends up in NOLA when you have Bonnie ‘finally got the hang of this witch thing and am traveling to new places for self-discovery’ Bennett right there.

like don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Bonnie or Kat Graham anywhere NEAR a Julie Plec and I’m glad she got the hell out of Mystic Falls, but if that isn’t the perfect capstone to a history of Caroline being illogically shoe-horned into plots that Bonnie naturally fits because putting some blonde hair on it is worth the sacrifice in logic, idk what is. 

After the finale, after the end, after everything, please, please, please don’t let this fandom die. I’m talking about everything, from the amazing gif makers to the fanfic writers, just don’t leave. Don’t let the TVD & TO family die! THANK YOU!

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Me watching this shit show

Katherine playing Damon for a fool as usual 

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Stefan and Caroline saying goodbye

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Damon compelling Stefan to leave and finally being a decent human being

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Caroline leaving a goodbye voicemail for Stefan telling him she loves him and understands this nonsense

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Alaric fucking existing

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Bonnie Bennett and all of the Bennett witches being fierce and fabulous and saving the world as usual

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Elena and Stefan reuniting 

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Stefan revealing that he and not Damon sacrificed himself 

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Stefan telling Elena to tell Caroline that he heard her message and will love her forever 

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Wasting precious screen time on the Donovans 

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Bonnie getting to live her life and getting the fuck out of this shit show

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Klaus sending a Caroline a letter implying there is some sort of future for them

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Elena and Damon reuniting and getting to live out their lives

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Stefan reuniting with Lexi

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Elena reuniting with the whole Gilbert family

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Overall thoughts @julieplec

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