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Bonnie Bennett The BENNETT WITCH/ HUNTRESS (protects those she loves, at all costs, and loves very few. And has a smile SO RARE, it lights up a room)

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lmao I still can’t get over the fact that in JP’s mind it makes total sense to pitch a spinoff where Caroline teaches kids magic (because how many kid vampires are there, like how does that even happen?) and potentially ends up in NOLA when you have Bonnie ‘finally got the hang of this witch thing and am traveling to new places for self-discovery’ Bennett right there.

like don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Bonnie or Kat Graham anywhere NEAR a Julie Plec and I’m glad she got the hell out of Mystic Falls, but if that isn’t the perfect capstone to a history of Caroline being illogically shoe-horned into plots that Bonnie naturally fits because putting some blonde hair on it is worth the sacrifice in logic, idk what is. 


I’m die hard for Bamon and such a Bonnie Stan. So you don’t have to like my optimism. But my opinion is Bonnie is immortal now, like Cade. Carrying his similar power AND having her magic back.

BONNIE has no idea how magical or special she is. The relationship with Enzo locked her into relying on him for love and protection and forgetting who she was in the first place. This is not Anti-Enzo Bc despite getting annoyed by his ghost, I appreciate he let her go to live her life and made her promise to LIVE HER FULL LIFE🌻 Then the moment where he let her go, to Damon… I respect him for finally letting her have peace. With that said…

This moment up top Parallels 6.05 and also Parallels 7.21 In 6.05 Bonnie saved Damon and in 7.21 Damon saved Bonnie. But… in this episode, they both tried saving each other. Bonnie came to fight for Damons soul and Damon begged her to let him go, Bc he didn’t want her to kill herself saving him. Also remind you of 7.14 when a stubborn Bonnie wouldn’t leave his side saying, “I’m not gonna let you die in there.” Then he told her “This is my mess. GO. GO!”

What about how 8.14 paralleled with 7.14 when she fought Cade for this man.

Damon: He’s right Bon. You gotta let me go.

Bon: Not… Gonna… Happen!

Damon: Please, let go Bon. Or I will.

Bon: Damon! Don’t you dare.

Don’t even get me started on when Kai made Damon make the choice. They don’t know how to NOT save each other anymore. You get it. Anyways, my point they fight for each other not realizing why they do it. It’s natural for them to want to protect and save each other. It’s not like with Elena or Enzo where they have to constantly remind each other that this is what we have to do.

They are naturally inside of one another gravity. I honestly believe that even as two individuals Bonnie and Damon are one and the same mind sometimes. And with that, they don’t even realize they’re two different people sometimes. That’s a SOULMATE👫.

Soulmates who have potential to be lovers, don’t think or calculate like typical lovers. A typical lover you have to remind yourself of their importance. You have to make sure they are aware every second. Which is why Bonnie and Damon keep talking about Enzo and Elena. But a soulmate just knows or should know. Which is why when Damon desiccated, he just assumed Bonnie understood. He knew she’d be mad but she’s eventually get it. Hints in 8.10 in the letter, the line “I’d rather let you down once than for the rest of your life.” And when Bonnie chose Enzo in 8.03 she told Damon “You’re too stubborn to let this defeat you. I know you’re in there deep down.” She just assumed he’d really knew she believed in him. Soulmates, are wired to always know… they’ll always have each other. They’ll meet again. This isn’t the last time I’ll see you. It’s unspoken and probably not even something they think about. It’s wired inside of them to be drawn back to each other no matter who and what comes between them.

It’s not always romantically gestured between them. Soulmates are such a deep connection it’s beyond just romantic love. It’s so much deeper. Doesn’t mean romance doesn’t exist. They just haven’t had the time to even think about romance with each other with all the ass kicking and life saving they do when they’re together.

So my teeny tiny, maybe far off theory. After Julie Plec saying Bonnie’s ending is unpredictable and Happy, I believe…Bonnie is an Immortal witch now. She accessed that immortality when she reached her psychic potential. Which she always had. Hell, I bet all Bennetts probably had the ability but Bonnie was the first and only to access that great power behind her psychic ability. Bennett witches are known for being and dying rather lonely. Not having people really, besides each other, to fight for. Bonnie had this, and because of it she tested the limits of her magic beyond the realm of her own dimensions. Bonnie’s always been fighting for the people she loves testing her magic and forcing her to constantly discover what new potential is always inside her, but what she has to believe she is capable of doing. She discovers her magic through her love for the people she is protecting.

Bonnie’s mind was so powerful, she has created another reality. And so, I believe she is an Immortal witch. I also believe she will live her full life with Vampire Damon by her side. Ultimately it will turn to into a romantic relationship. I have no idea how the show will end them. As friends or more. But my theory is it they will end as an open-ended romance. Bamon lives an eternity together. Happily. A witch and her vampire. A vampire and his witch. Two soulmates.

They end up together, in the end. Their love story will remain untold, so the writers can’t ruin them.

This was supposed to be a paragraph. Damnit. My bad. And you don’t have to share my thoughts or even like them. Hell, if you read this much I’m surprised. I believe in Bamon, and you can’t tell me or my shipper heart shit! ⭐️

After the finale, after the end, after everything, please, please, please don’t let this fandom die. I’m talking about everything, from the amazing gif makers to the fanfic writers, just don’t leave. Don’t let the TVD & TO family die! THANK YOU!

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Me watching this shit show

Katherine playing Damon for a fool as usual 

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Stefan and Caroline saying goodbye

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Damon compelling Stefan to leave and finally being a decent human being

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Caroline leaving a goodbye voicemail for Stefan telling him she loves him and understands this nonsense

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Alaric fucking existing

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Bonnie Bennett and all of the Bennett witches being fierce and fabulous and saving the world as usual

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Elena and Stefan reuniting 

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Stefan revealing that he and not Damon sacrificed himself 

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Stefan telling Elena to tell Caroline that he heard her message and will love her forever 

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Wasting precious screen time on the Donovans 

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Bonnie getting to live her life and getting the fuck out of this shit show

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Klaus sending a Caroline a letter implying there is some sort of future for them

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Elena and Damon reuniting and getting to live out their lives

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Stefan reuniting with Lexi

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Elena reuniting with the whole Gilbert family

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Overall thoughts @julieplec

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Fanfic: Fatal Distraction Ch 1, Vampire Diaries | FanFiction

[AU] Bonnie Bennett escapes three years of torment, and returns as a killer for hire, tormented by her years in captivity. She can’t escape her past, or her curse, until she kills Damon Salvatore who makes her question everything, and suddenly nothing is as it seems. Different kind of Bamon/Supernatural story.