Benjamin Percy

The dreaded day has come you guys, it’s official, DC is finally going to make Damian have (An out-of-character) one-sided crush on a girl.

Damian might have put up a good fight in the last decade but apparently he too can’t escape this American traditional of forcibly involving unwanted/unnecessary romance on every single fictional character ever.

And surprise surprise, guess who’s the writer responsible for this? None other than the writer of (another unwanted thing) The “Teen Titans: Rebirth” comic, Benjamin Percy AKA the worst Damian’s writer so far.

So as a fandom let’s all agree to ignore this future “Damian has a one-sided crush on a girl” episode when it happens and pretend it never happened, alright?


Green Arrow & Wonder Woman: “…I love strong women, but it would be kind of nice, if they weren’t always kicking my ass.” (he is probably referring to Black Canary)

Green Arrow #27 (2016-)

Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Jamal Campbell
Letters by Nate Piekos of Blambot

Me: you know maybe im overreacting about Benjamin Percy’s writing of TT rebirth,other’s kinda enjoy it and its just comics they get flimsy all the time.

*learns that Percy doesn’t like Damian, is in the process of purposefully sabotaging his development and will also probably give a 13 yr old more trauma for his enjoyment.

Me @Benjamin Percy