Benjamin Kyle

“Using 2.1 million dots, Miguel produced the amazing portrait you see here, which he makes available as a limited edition for under $100. Miguel is dedicating 50% of the proceeds to helping Benjaman Kyle retrieve a new Social Security Number and to get his life back on track.”

wow. I don’t have the eye nor the patience myself, but this is incredible


I’ve got some new followers today so I’ll post the story of our little family.
My name is Kristin, I’m 16 & a junior in high school. My fiance, Brandon is 19, he graduated from high school in 2014, he works 2 jobs & we’re both from Paris, Texas. We’ve been together for over 3 years (January 1, 2012) I always knew that I was destined to be a mother.. even if it happened in high school I knew it was part of my destiny. I got pregnant with our son Benjamin when I was 15 (2 months from 16) & at the end of sophomore year. I was 7 weeks pregnant when I woke up from pain on june 11, 2014. I called Brandon to come over because something wasn’t right.. he came over & my mom tried everything to get this “period” pain to stop although it wasn’t a period. I layed in bed that day with Brandon screaming and crying from the pain .. I will never forget the way it felt to have my tiny baby ripped from my womb. I couldnt eat or sleep for about a month until I met my best friend who inspired me to embrace my child’s memory. I then named my “son” Benjamin Kyle. “Benjamin” meaning wanted son because that’s exactly what he is. He’s changed my life in a way that I never expected.. connect with us on our journey to conceive our rainbow baby, remember Benjamin & OUR WEDDING. thank you for reading. Message me if you would like to talk or ask a question. ♥

Benjaman Kyle

Benjaman Kyle woke up bloody and beaten up outside a Burger King in Georgia in 2004. When he woke up he had no recollection of who he was or how he got there. He also found that he had no ID or any other identifiers on him.

It’s 2012 and Benjaman Kyle still has no idea who he is. He’s unable to start a new life because the US Government will not issue him a new Social Security Number under the notion that Benjaman already has one. 

Please sign this petition to allow Benjaman to move on with his life and issued a new SSN.

For further information:

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A Short 10-Minute Video 

His Official Website 

please reblog this, especially if you are in the midwestern US, in the hopes that somebody will recognize him. 

Benjamin Kyle, the only American to be classed as 'missing' despite his whereabouts being known.

Kyle was found behind a Burger King in Georgia, USA, with no recollection of who he was, beyond a strong sense that his name was Benjamin, and few vague memories of Denver and Indianapolis. 

Doctors have attributed this to either retrograde amnesia or dissociative fugue, a rare condition in which a person suddenly, without planning or warning, travels far from home or work and leaves behind a past life. Patients show signs of amnesia and have no conscious understand or knowledge of the reason for the flight. The condition is usually associated with severe stress or trauma.

Kyle has tried to regain his memories by exhaustively searching the public records of Denver and Indianapolis and missing persons websites, fingerprint searches via the FBI’S NCIC, television and radio interviews for information, several DNA searches and comparisons, and even hypnosis.
DNA expert: man without identity wants it that way

A man calling himself Benjaman was found naked and unconscious behind a Burger King. He never regained his memory.

Apparently this guy doesn’t want anyone to know his real identity. I think it’s pretty obvious why - he’s clearly Michael Scarn ten years older. When it’s Threat Level Midnight you have to keep things hush hush! Exhibits A and B below.

There are moments in your life when everything crystallizes and the whole world reshapes itself right down to its component molecules. And everything changes. I have looked upon the face of a Vorlon…Laurel. And nothing is the same anymore.
—  Doctor Benjamin Kyle - Babylon 5: The Gathering

The moving story of a Georgia (US) man who was found naked and bloody behind a dumpster with absolutely no recollection of who he was before his accident. 

And a testament to how social media really can help people. Definitely worth a watch.