In The Mummy (1999) the line “think of my children!” given by Beni in the scene aboard the riverboat was ad-libbed by actor, Kevin J. O'Connor.

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I remember my favorite character in the Mummy was Beni... my trash game was strong even back then. .__.

Listen, Beni could get it. 

He was funny, quick-witted, smart, and he had great facial hair. Who doesn’t love a weasel? He’d steal you the most beautiful things as gifts, and he’d wait at least a week before selling it for cash. 

Congrats on this step on your journey of self discovery, and recognizing your long-standing trash tendencies, Nonny <3

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more deleted scenes from the mummy script

The two camps have now joined together. O'Connell and Beni are roasting chunks of hairy meat over a fire. Jonathan wrinkles his nose, disgusted by the smell.

What is this stuff? It smells like our late friend, the warden.
O'Connell and Beni both grin. Jonathan looks horrified.

You did not!? …. We’re not!?

Rat gizzards. They smell bad and taste worse, but that’s the best the desert has to offer.

…Surely one could eat the rest of the rat instead?