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I feel like ren gets even more puffy when aoba put him to charge like he just turns into one giant blue puff where if you look close enough you can see a small pink tounge.

Attack of the Fuwa Fuwa! When Aoba plugs Ren in, and I am assuming there is a cord wrapped somehow in the mist of that little fuwa fuwa body, that first jolt of electricity going through his body, and recharging his battery, makes the fur on his head stand up. Imagine, little fuwa fuwa Ren with an afro or a mohawk. In theory, his external body should be protected from any affects of the electricity during charging, but, since Ren is an older model, the electrical insulation has a few weakened spots here and there. 

As the electricity build up, Ren’s little body becomes fluffier and fluffier, until it expands so much that he looks like a giant blue cotton ball. You cannot even see the eyeballs. Everything is just fur, on top of fur, along with more fur. There is so much fur standing up that his cute little paws and legs look like a pom pom. But, if you look carefully, you can see just a hint of pink between the strands of dark navy blue. Aoba has pictures he has taken of Ren all puffed up like that and framed on the wall.

Sweet anon, you raise an important question, how are allmates powered? Do they run on electricity from a battery, as in you plug in from an external source, ie the wall outlet? Does that mean that little Beni somehow has a cord inside of him that connects to the wall outlet? Or does he have a little USB port which Koujaku has a separate cable for him to plug into the wall and Beni? Or does Beni own his own nuclear reactor inside his little body?


A lot of people were asking to see the Beni prop I make for my recent costume, so here he is in action. My sister had a talking bird so i just painted over it and glued feathers onto it and made shoes for him and because the bird speaks in such a high pitch, I took a clip and pitched it to sound really low to get Beni’s actual voice!