Bacon, Breathe, Benevolent (and other adjectives for “mothers”)

She paves the path
Of dynasties carved
With buckets of sludge upon back;
Bent, not unlike her mother’s limb,
But under shinier red flags,
Cloth coated, with lesser blood.

She’d had a hint of gray
She’d not had last time,
She had a newer limp
She’d not had last time,
Her bosom furthered from firm,
Reaching for the ground, a promise,
In years to be wed with,
And yet the heart the underneath
Of it all remained as radiant
As any sun’d ever been;

And come the cloudy day she leaves,
Even mine own eye
Will remain far from dry.
I’d remember freshly cured bacon,
And her tender chopsticks offering life;
She’d saved me once, she’d save me again.

     - L.C.

shinyavarice  asked:

I just went through the Paksenarrion tag on here and I was wondering if you had any long thoughts you wanted to share about the series, Paks herself and the themes presented?

Sure, I love Paks and her story. I even recently a paladin named after her on the vanilla server I occasionally play on.

Paks is the titular protagonist of the Deed of Paksenarrion, and is a very good example of a Paladin who starts her story as a runaway who joins a mercenary company. The first book she learns first how to be a soldier, and by the end she and others realize she has the potential to be a paladin of St. Gird, a benevolent warrior patron. She isn’t initially a devout girdsmen and often questions how she really feels about the gods. She’s also naturally brave, and almost rash in the face of danger. That bravery is taken from her as a result of a curse inflicted and an imperfect cure that took her courage away from her, leaving her in a nadir at the end of the second book, a frightened shadow of the warrior she used to be.

She finds her courage again by learning to be brave a different way, training herself to be a reckless warrior, but a defender of people, with greater things to protect her than her own life. The third book puts her on a quest that restores both her and much of the world to peace.

Paks goes through some truly harsh stuff that the author doesn’t sugarcoat, including the death of friends, assault, torture, and a very painful scene involving rape in the third book. But the one theme that stuck with me about Paks and her development is that even the most severe scar can be overcome, not by magic, but by learning live with and beyond it. By the end of the story she becomes a true paladin as any I’ve ever seen and she always have a special place in my heart.


Śrī Veṅkaṭeśa Suprabhātam

kausalya suprajā rāma pūrvā sandhyā pravartate |
uttiṣṭha nara-śārdūla kartavyaṁ daivam āhnikam ||1||

O virtuous son of Queen Kausalya! Behold the dawn is appearing.
O Lion-like-Lord, please arise and perform the daily religious rites.

uttiṣṭho-tiṣṭha govinda uttiṣṭha garuḍa-dhvaja |
uttiṣṭha kamalā-kānta trai-lokyaṁ maṅgalaṁ kuru ||2 ||

O Govinda (lord of the Universe), O Lord of the Garuda Ensign,
O Lover of Lakshmi, Please arise and grant auspiciousness to all the three realms
(the physical world, the mental world and the transcendental world).

mātas-samasta jagatāṁ madhu-kaiṭabhāreḥ
vakṣo-vihāriṇi manohara divya mūrte |
śrī svāmini śrita-jana priya dānaśīle
śrī veṅkaṭeśa dayite tava suprabhātam ||3 ||

O Mother of the Universe, who sports upon the broad chest of Lord Vishnu
the vanquisher of the Demons Madhu & Kaitabha ( ego and “mineness”)
O Lady of the divine form, O Lady of Opulence,

benevolent to those who take refuge in you,
O Beloved consort of Veṅkaṭeśa, an auspicious morning be yours.

tava suprabhātam-aravinda-locane
bhavatu prasanna mukha-candra maṇḍale |
vidhi-śankar-endra vanitābhir-arcite
vṛṣa-śaila-nātha dayite dayā-nidhe ||4 ||

O Lotus-eyed One, with a face as radiant as the Moon,
who is adored by the consorts of the gods like Brahma, Śiva, Indra,
reservoir of compassion,
beloved consort of the Lord of the Vrisha mountain, darling, repository of compassion.

atryādi sapta ṛṣayas-samupāsya sandhyām,
ākāśa sindhu kamalāni manoharāṇi |
ādāya pāda-yugam-arcayituṁ prapannāḥ
śeṣādri-śekhara vibho tava suprabhātam ||5 ||

O Lord of Sheshadri, behold the seven sages Atri and the others,
having performed their morning rites, bearing with them the charming lotuses of the sacred river;
have arrived for worshipping your lotus feet.
So please arise now, may your morning be auspicious.

pañcānanābja bhava ṣaṇmukha vāsavādyāḥ
trai-vikramādi caritaṁ vibudhāḥ stuvanti |
bhāṣā-patiḥ paṭhati vāsara-śuddhimārāt
śeṣādri-śekhara vibho tava suprabhātam ||6 ||

O Lord of the summit of Sheshadri mountain,
Lord Śiva, Brahma, Kartikeya, Indra and the others

praise you by chanting your pastimes as Vāmana etc.
The preceptor of the gods Jupiter stands near,

reciting the astrological parameters for this day,
proclaiming its auspiciousness,

so please arise, may your morning be auspicious.

īśat-praphulla sarasīruha nārikela
pūga drumādi sumanohara pālikānām |
āvāti manda manilas-saha divya-gandhaiḥ
śeṣādri-śekhara vibho tava suprabhātam ||7 ||

The gentle breeze blows everywhere
wafting the divine fragrance of the blossoms of the lotus,
as well as the coconut-nut and betel nut trees.
O Mighty Lord of the Sheshadri mountain may this morning be auspicious for you.

unmīlya netra yugam-uttama pañjara-sthāḥ
pātrā-vaśiṣṭa kadali phala pāyasāni |
bhuktvā salīla-matha keli śukāḥ paṭhanti
śeṣādri-śekhara vibho tava suprabhātam ||8 ||

O Mighty Lord of the Sheshadri mountain,
the parrots kept for your pleasure in the best of cages,
have opened their eyes and have eaten the plantains and milk pudding,
and have begun calling out with joy,
you too please arise now, and may this morning be auspicious for you

tantrī prakarṣa madhura-svanayā vipañcyā
gāyaty-ananta caritaṁ tava nārado'pi |
bhāṣā samagram-asakṛt-kara-cāra-ramyaṁ
śeṣādri-śekhara vibho tava suprabhātam ||9 ||

O Mighty Lord of Sheshadri, the celestial sage Nārada

expertly plucks the strings of his vinā with his delicate hands.
The pleasant strains of his music resound around about.
He chants your praises and sings of your glorious pastimes,
so now please arise and let the morning be auspicious for you.

bhṛṅgāvalī ca makaranda rasānuviddha
jhaṅkāra gīta ninadais-saha sevanāya |
niryāty-upānta sarasī kamalodarebhyaḥ
śeṣādri-śekhara vibho tava suprabhātam ||10 ||

Swarms of black bees praise you through their buzzing

as they dip into the nectar of the flowers.
Emerging from the lotus blossoms of the nearby lake they come to render service to you.
O Lord of the summit of Sheshadri, let the morning be auspicious for you.

yoṣā-gaṇena vara-dadhni vimathyamāne
ghoṣālayeṣu dadhi-manthana tīvra ghoṣāḥ |
roṣāt-kaliṁ vidadhate kakubhaśca kumbhāḥ,
śeṣādri-śekhara vibho tava suprabhātam ||11 ||

In the cow-sheds the women churn excellent curd, with a roar,
as if the directions of space and the clay pots were engaging in a battle.
O Lord of the summit of Sheshadri, let the morning be auspicious for you.

padme-śamitra śata-patra gatāli-vargāḥ
hartuṁ śriyaṁ kuvalayasya nijāṅga lakṣmyā |
bherī-ninādam-iva bibhrati tīvra-nādaṁ
śeṣādri-śekhara vibho tava suprabhātam ||12 ||

O Lord of Sheshadri, behold!
The swarm of bees that was hidden in the lotus — the friend of the sun,
exceed the blue water lily in their beauty,
rising they make a tumultuous sound like that of the kettle-drum.
Please arise and let the morning be auspicious for you.

śrīmann-abhīṣṭa varadākhila loka-bandho
śrī śrī-nivāsa jagad-eka dayaika sindho |
śrī-devatā-gṛha bhujāntara divya-mūrte
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||13 ||

O Lord of prosperity, fulfiller of desires! Friend of the entire universe!
The repository of Beauty and Wealth! You alone are the ocean of compassion.
Upon your broad chest dwells Lakshmi our Mediatrix.O you of divine visage!

O Lord of Mount Veṅkaṭa, let the morning be auspicious for you.

śrī-svāmi puṣkariṇikā’ plava nirmalāṅgāḥ,
śreyorthino hara-viriñca sanandan-ādyāḥ |
dvāre vasanti vara-vetra-hatottamāṅgāḥ
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||14 ||

Having purified themselves in the Holy Lake of Pushkarini,
Lord Shiva, Brahma, Sanandana and the other sages
with the gate keepers bearing staves, at their head, are standing at your gate,
so now please arise and may your morning be auspicious.

śrī -śeṣaśaila garuḍācala veṅkaṭ-ādri
nārāyaṇ-ādri vṛṣabh-ādri vṛṣādri mukhyām |
ākhyāṁ tvadīya vasater-aniśaṁ vadanti
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||15 ||

O Lord, your residence is called by various names
such as Srishaila, Garudachala, Veṅkaṭādri, Nārāyaṇādri, Vrishabhadri, Vrishadri etc.
O Lord of Mount Veṅkaṭa! May your morning be auspicious!

sevā-parāś-śiva sureśa-kṛśānu dharma-
rakṣombu-nātha pavamāna dhan-ādhi-nāthāḥ |
baddhāñjali pravilas-sannija śīrṣa deśāḥ
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||16 ||

O Lord of Mount Veṅkaṭa! Behold! The regents of space,

Śiva, Indra, Agni, Yama, Nirrti, Varuṇa, Vāyu and Kubera,
with joined palms clasped to their heads approach you for your service.
Please arise now and may your morning be auspicious.

ghāṭīṣu te vihaga-rāja mṛgādhi-rāja
nāgādhi-rāja gaja-rāja hayādhi-rājāḥ |
sva-svādhikāra mahimādhika-marthayante
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||17 ||

The Regents of the animal kingdom; of birds - Garuda, of beasts — the lion,
of serpents - Śeśa, of elephants - Airāvata, of horses - Uchchaiśravā,
all stand before you longing to see

their own functions and greatness reflected in your pastimes.
O Lord of mount Veṅkaṭa please arise, may your morning be auspicious.

sūryendu bhauma budha vāk-pati kāvya
sauri svar-bhānu ketu diviṣat-pariṣat-pradhānāḥ |
tvad-dāsa dāsa caramāvadhi-dāsa dāsāḥ
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||18 ||

O Lord of Mount Veṅkaṭa, the principals of the heavenly host;
the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rāhu and Ketu,
the servants of the servants of your servants are arriving.
O Lord of mount Veṅkaṭa please arise, may your morning be auspicious.

tvat-pāda dhūli-bharita sphuritottamāṅgāḥ
svargāpavarga nirapekṣa nijāntaraṅgāḥ |
kalpāgamā kalanayā'kulatāṁ labhante
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||19 ||

Your devotees, have come for your Beatific Vision,
decorating their foreheads with the symbol of your feet,
having abandoned any thought of heavenly rewards or Liberation
intent only upon your service they are becoming agitated by the delay
— every moment appearing like an age.
O Lord of mount Veṅkaṭa please arise, may your morning be auspicious.

tvad-gopur-āgra śikharāṇi nirīkṣamāṇāḥ
svargāpavarga padavīṁ paramāṁ śrayantaḥ |
martyā manuṣya-bhuvane matim-āśrayante
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||20 ||

Even those mortals who have obtained heaven or Liberation,
upon seeing your temple towers,
are immediately attracted to the material world (by your qualities and glory)
O Lord of mount Veṅkaṭa please arise, may your morning be auspicious.

śrī-bhūmi-nāyaka dayādi-guṇāmṛtābdhe
devādhi-deva jagad-eka-śaraṇya-mūrte |
śriman-ananta garuḍādi-bhir-arcitāṅghre
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||21 ||

O Husband of Lakshmi and Bhu-devī, you are an ocean of mercy, and virtue.
The Supreme Lord, the only saviour of the universe.
O Lord whose feet are worshipped by Śeṣa, Garuda and others,
O Lord of mount Veṅkaṭa please arise, may your morning be auspicious.

śrī -padma-nābha puruṣottama vāsudeva
vaikuṇṭha mādhava janārdana cakra-pāṇe |
śrī -vatsa-cihna śaraṇāgata pārijāta
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||22 ||

O Holy One! Padmanābha, Supreme Person, Omnipresent One,
O Lord of Illusion, O destroyer of the Wicked, Wielder of the Discus,
Bearer of the foot-print of Sage Bhrigu, O Refuge of the seekers,
O Lord of mount Veṅkaṭa please arise, may your morning be auspicious.

kandarpa darpa-hara sundara divya-mūrte
kāntā kucāmburuha kuḍmala lola-dṛṣṭe |
kalyāṇa nirmala guṇākara divya kīrte
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||23 ||

O Lord whose divine beauty rivals that of cupid.
Whose serene gaze rests upon the lotus like breasts of your beloved Lakshmi,
a limitless repository of untainted virtues and congeniality,
O Lord of mount Veṅkaṭa please arise, may your morning be auspicious.

mīnākṛte kamaṭha kola nṛsiṁha varṇin
svāmin paraśvatha tapo-dhana rāma-candra |
śeṣāmśa-rāma yadu-nandana kalki-rūpa
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||24 ||

O Lord who has incarnated as Mina,

Kurma, Narasimha, Vāmana, Paraśurāma,
Rāmacandra, Balarāma and Krishna, and Kalki,
O Lord of mount Veṅkaṭa please arise, may your morning be auspicious.

elā lavaṅg ghana sāra sugandhi tīrthaṁ
divyaṁ viyatsariti hema-ghaṭeṣu pūrṇam |
dhṛtvā'dya vaidika śikhāmaṇayaḥ prahṛṣṭāḥ
tiṣṭhanti veṅkaṭapate tava suprabhātam ||25 ||

The best of priests well versed in the sacred lore,
carry upon their shoulders sacred waters
scented with cardamon, cloves, sugar-cane juice and camphor,
taken in golden jars from the Celestial Ganges

await at your gate for your service,
O Lord of mount Veṅkaṭa please arise, may your morning be auspicious.

bhāsvānudeti vikacāni saroruhāṇi
saṁpūrayanti ninadaiḥ kakubho nihaṅgāḥ |
śrī-vaiṣṇavās-satatam arthita maṅgalāste
dhāmā śrayanti tava veṅkaṭa suprabhātam ||26 ||

O Lord of Mount Veṅkaṭa!

Behold, the sun is arising, the lotus are blooming,
and the birds are filling the directions with their song,
your devotees the Śrī Vaiṣṇavas who always desire your welfare,

have arrived at your residence,
O Lord of mount Veṅkaṭa please arise, may your morning be auspicious.

brahmādayas-suravarās-sama harṣayaste
santas-sanandana mukhāsvatha yogi-varyāḥ |
dhāmāntike tava hi maṅgala vastu hastāḥ
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||27 ||

O Lord of Mount Veṅkaṭa, behold!
The foremost of the gods, yogis and sages

such as Brahma, Sanandana and the other saints
have all arrived at your residence

bearing auspicious articles in their hands for your worship.
O Lord of mount Veṅkaṭa please arise, may your morning be auspicious.

lakṣmī-nivāsa niravadya guṇaika sindho
saṁsāra sāgara sam-uttaraṇaika seto |
vedānta vedya nija vaibhava bhakta bhogya
śrī-veṅkaṭācala-pate tava suprabhātam ||28 ||

O Lord of Mount Veṅkaṭa, the resort of Mother Lakshmi,
the unfathomable ocean of pure and divine qualities.
You alone are the bridge to cross over this mundane existence.
You reveal yourself through the medium of the Vedas and Upanishads,
and are enjoyed by your devotees.
O Lord of mount Veṅkaṭa please arise, may your morning be auspicious.

itthaṁ vṛṣācala-pater-iha suprabhātam
ye mānavāḥ prati-dinaṁ paṭituṁ pravṛttāḥ |
teṣāṁ prabhāta samaye smṛti-raṅga bhājāṁ
prajñāṁ parārtha sulabhāṁ paramāṁ prasūte ||29 ||

All those who daily chant this morning hymn to the Lord of Mount Veṅkaṭa,
through this regular contemplation of Lord Veṅkaṭeśvara,
obtain divine wisdom through which the Supreme Goal is easily obtained.

darth-char  asked:


Warning: Corso Riggs critical (though aimed at his writing)

Not a fan, mainly because of how Corso was written - his benevolent sexism and the weird difference of how he treats women with a male smuggler (approving of almost every one night stand) versus how he treats a female smuggler (disapproving of one night stands and being overly protective and possessive about her). I’m not sure how much of it was due to them writing Corso as a wingman for the male smuggler first, with his romance arc being written later and with some difficulty (Jennifer Hepler referenced the difficulty in making him work for a female smuggler that’s presumably very independent). It just doesn’t work for me - I can’t understand why a smuggler would want an overly possessive (To the point of being smothering) naïve guy following her around and getting in the way.

That said, there are fanfic Corsos I definitely like and I’m fine with liking seeing those versions of him with smugglers (or whoever). I just really dislike the characterization of canon Corso.

Also see my previous post at:

humanchrysalids  asked:

How would a benevolent dictatorship look, and do you think it would be more beneficial than a functioning democracy?

My ideal political structure would resemble a pre-George III* Great Britain, featuring a hereditary (or at least lifetime) monarch with real executive power, and a subordinate Senate or Parliament, the upper chamber of which features an intellectual (rather than a hereditary) aristocracy politically immune to immediate popular opinion, with the lower chamber consisting of popularly elected representatives, serving as trustees, rather than mere delegates. A series of intellectually rigorous tests would precede anyone’s entrance into the civil service, with the hope of making it prestigious and desirable.

Ideally, I would want a Platonic Philosopher-King or a Confucian Sage-Prince to hold all the power, but history produces but few examples of that ever going well. For America, the easiest solution would be to repeal the 17th and 22nd amendments, and amend Article II, thereby granting lifetime office to the President (Hamilton’s dream) and eliminating the direct election of Senators. That, plus severe, punitive restrictions on lobbying and campaign finance + the prestigious civil service idea and we would be in much better shape.

*(By denying the wishes of the American Colonists to intervene on behalf of their interests against an overreaching Parliament and opting instead to support Parliament’s prerogative to tax its subjects, KG3 effectively (thought not officially) submitted the Monarchy to the power of the Government, and it has never recovered its full authority.)

shout-out to the benevolent muscle men from mob psycho 100

when mob joined the body-building club, it felt like his presence there was gonna be a punchline, but the benevolent muscle men took him in with open (burly) arms. they’ve never made fun of him nor bullied him nor teased him for being so physically weak… they’ve always treated him as an equal and looked out for him and protected him and cheer him on as he grows… they don’t even pick on the nerds in their equipment classroom. thank you, benevolent muscle men. thank you for your kindness, patience, and sportsmanship.

I’m truly baffled by people who react so negatively to news of others trying to make things easier or better. Especially when their reasoning is that THEY did it the hard way, the real way, they worked three jobs and never got any help and suffered (oh god did they suffer)

I mean, god, you’d think someone who walked fifteen miles to school uphill both ways in the snow would be the first to advocate for a bus route


“So uh..that demon there…hes taken quite a liking to you now huh?”

“ :> “

We should not have a woman as president because women are pure and virtuous and angelic. We should have a woman as president because women are people who make up more than half of the US population, and because women deserve to see themselves represented in our representative government.

I don’t know if I will be a published author someday, let alone a published author of a blockbuster decade-defining cultural pillar but jesus, I hope I have more grace about it than jk rowling


Mark | Smut | Completed

Requested by this anon

Warnings: Age Gap, Oppa!Kink, Virgin!Reader, Childhood Friends, and Fingering/Hands!Kink

A/N: I don’t want to offend anyone with the use of “Oppa” in this one-shot. Personally, I just feel Mark would have one. I hope you can enjoy.

I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t believe it.

He wasn’t supposed to be back for another month, yet here he was, outside my door, waiting to enter.

“Mark?” I asked, rather gruffly, still gawking over the fact that he was actually here.

“Hello,” he smiled, showing off his pearly, white teeth.

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not to be super embarrassing and admit to human emotion but like

there needs to be a word for when you’re not sad, but it’s just getting harder and harder to shake off the delays and disappointments and A-minuses and “no thank you”s

when you haven’t lost, you’re not even down for the count, but if you don’t get an unequivocal win soon, it’s gonna be really hard to pick yourself up off the mat again.

Valentine's Day
  • Sebastian: As today is Valentine's Day, I predict the young master will have another one of his bouts. Everyone be prepared.
  • Finny: *shuddering* Last year was so scary!
  • Snake: Does Smile hate Valentine's Day? Says Emily.
  • Ciel: *appearing from around the corner* Don't be foolish, Snake. I LOVE Valentine's Day.
  • Sebastian: Oh, young master... We were just having a meeting about today's events-- no need to concern yourself with the detai--
  • Ciel: Do you know what makes Valentine's Day so great?
  • Snake: Um... Other people? Says Osca--
  • Ciel: The PROFIT. I'm running a candy and toy company after all. This truly is the most glorious day of the year..!
  • Bard: Oh my god he's at it again.
  • Mey-Rin: Young master, please calm down!
  • Ciel: In fact, today is so important that I'm giving all of you the day off-- even Sebastian. Plus, I made you all Valentine's cards.
  • Bard: You sick freak!
  • Finny: *sniffling* Where did the young master we know and love go? What if he never comes back?
  • Ciel: Anyway, I need to go call Elizabeth. Enjoy your day off.
  • Ciel: *leaves*
  • Sebastian: Now that the young master has left, I suggest we orderly evacuate the manor in favor of our Valentine's Day safe house in the woods.
  • Snake: Shouldn't we--
  • Sebastian: No. RUN.