Have you heard? Killer Heels is being extended until March 1st

As a shoe fanatic I couldn’t be more thrilled for the extension, giving us here at #BKMLibrary the opportunity to show off our elegant Bendel Fashion & Costume Sketch Collection.

The Library’s special collections houses approximately 20,000 sketches and currently over 900 are available to view online on the Museum’s website. These digital surrogates were created by our dedicated volunteers who donate their time to scanning and creating metadata for the sketches, making them searchable and accessible to all. All of our volunteers are passionate about exposing the library’s collections and we don’t know what we would do without them.

OK, back to the shoes, did I mention the shoes!? Each of the four featured sketches from the Bendel collection illustrate gorgeous outfits that would not be complete without the right shoe to tie it all together. Laced high heels, pointed toes, and dainty heels with crossed straps draw the eye in so the viewer can experience the look from the ground up.

So go on, soak it all up—bask in the glory of the shoe!

 Posted by Kim Loconto