Bend It Like Beckham

you know what heterosexual movie you guys have reminded me about that’s heterosexual nonsense? she’s the man. 

olivia was in love with viola. she hadn’t even spoken to the real sebastian until the end. she wasn’t even that upset when viola revealed herself. viola whipped out the tiddies in public and olivia just stands there unbothered. so why did she start dating sebastian? 

they’re two entirely different people with very different personalities. being in love with one sibling doesn’t mean you’re naturally or obviously going to love the other too. olivia loved viola. she didn’t know sebastian. it made literally no sense for her instantly forget about feelings for fake sebastian/viola or to transfer them to the real sebastian. fact.

in conclusion, she’s the man should have been a gay movie.

🗣 heteroseuxal nonsense 🗣

I honestly have no idea what to think of Keira knightley because for all intents and purposes she seems fully heterosexual but she went to her prom with her best female friend wearing leather pants (her friend wore a tie) straight off of bend it like beckham and kissed said friend in the prom photos and was subsequently asked to leave so like Whom know

Do you ever just read so much fanfiction for a couple that isn’t canon and then you rewatch the original material and you’re like????? I could’ve sworn you were dating in this???? Who is this random dude you’re calling your boyfriend excuse me the love of your life is right there??????