#TBT Billy Ben in Basel Switzerland photo by Bowman 2004.

This was the first photo I took after getting settled on the BT01 tour back in 2004. Ben specifically asked me to get a shot of this. I think he was still finding it hard to believe that a band from Toronto could tour the world. My first time in Europe and seeing/hearing the Beatsteaks.

Highlights from Billy Talent

I just got back from seeing Billy Talent for the fifth time (you heard me right). They are the best band, and also Canadian, which makes them even more the best. The highlights, in no particular order, are:

  • This random dude named Francis crowdsurfing in his wheelchair to the front, where Ben promptly pulled him onstage and got him to sing “Devil on my Shoulder”
  • Ben adding in fun new additions to all the songs, possibly because he forgot all the lyrics
  • The maple leaves on Jon and Ian’s guitars, so Canadian, so proud
  • Jon’s adorable dancing
  • Ian’s adorable vest
  • Ben playing an air guitar all night, like a NERD
  • Ben saying Calgary every other second (thank you for pronouncing it properly, and not Cal-GARY)
  • Taking pot shots at american beer
  • Ben’s beautiful rant about how we should care for each other and he loves everyone, except trump
  • When everyone lost their minds at “Red Flag” and “Fallen Leaves”
  • The person waving the red flag, who got a thumbs up from Ben
  • A dollar from each ticket for the whole tour going to charities, including FUMS
  • All the love going out to Aaron from the crowd and support for Jordan, who played the drums on the last album and on this tour
  • Getting to hang out with my awesome friends as we all lost our voices and hearing, except for @projectfromhell, who is smart and brought earplugs