I recently traveled with some of my best friends around Europe. We did London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam and Croatia. Here are 10 things I learned this trip.

           1. Pack light. I only packed a carry on (2 pairs of pants, 2 shorts, tees, sweatshirt and shoes) and it was brilliant. Before you go, re-pack 3 times and take shit out every time. You can always pick something up if you need to but there’s something incredibly freeing about traveling around the world with a small bag.                      2. Travel with your good friends. Not too many, 2 or 3. We were with a group of 7 for a while and it was tough to coordinate. Tavel with a few best mates but be sure to take off by yourself for a while.            3. Say yes to everything. Try it for a day, it’s good stuff.            4. Go to Berlin in the summer. It’s the best city in the world.            5. Rent bikes or scooters wherever you go. It’s the best way to see a city.            6. If you’re with friends, stay in apartments found on You feel as though you’re a local in the city. I’ve done hostels but this was just as cheap, nicer and more fun.            7. Talk. If you see a guy or girl that you like, go talk to them, every time. This goes for anytime actually. I recently made a rule that if I see a girl and think to myself, ‘i should ask for her number’, I have to do it. What’s the worst that can happen? She says no. Then you know and you don’t regret it later.            8. Don’t worry about the post travel blues. It happens every time you come back to your regular day to day. It passes.            9. Back up your photos as you travel. You’ll loose your camera/iPhone.            10. Go with the flow. The best part about my travels was the mentality I had while on the road. Every obstacle was seen as an adventure, every person met had the potential to be my best friend, every opportunity was taken, every answer was yes. Magic happens when you’re spontaneous. It made for the best month of my life and reminded me of how to live back home.            Traveling reminds you how big the world is and how small your problems are. It also has a funny way of reminding you how short life is.             Book your next trip. They’re fun to look forward to.           

Ben and Duncan travel home to the deep south and slip into their childhood accents, without even realizing it.

We got an email from April who said she was ready to meet her biological mother for the first time, at age 27. She was adopted at 3 months and now wanted to meet her mother and sisters. Jonnie and I traveled to Atlanta and met April last night over dinner and talked about her past. Today, she met her mother in a park and introduced her to her two granddaughters. They're reuniting with new family members as we speak. It was a good day.

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