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An IASIP video game would be amazing?!

Imagine, you can play as the five main characters (Dennis, Mac, Dee, Charlie, and Frank) and they all have their own unique talents that you need to use in order to get through the levels:

  • Charlie can use his ratstick as a weapon
  • Dennis can pass off being somebody else (à la Brian Lefevre) as long as he has obtained some form of their ID
  • Frank has a pocket constantly full of drugs and if he takes them he turns into ‘Frankenstein’

As you move through Philadelphia (no doubt causing chaos along the way, similar to GTA), you can play as any of the side characters you bump into and use their skill to proceed through the game, such as:

  • Rickety Cricket’s parkour skills
  • Bill Ponderosa’s speedy drunk-drug-driving 
  • Artemis’ many many skills

or if you need to you can contact the side character you need, but only Dennis can successfully get the Waitress, Frank can get Bill and Artemis, Dee can get Ben the Soldier and Cricket, Mac gets Country Mac, Charlie gets the Lawyer, etc. 

Some of the levels could be completely new while some could be based on different episodes, like

  • Thundergun Express, where you pick a character and have to race the rest of the gang to the cinema
  • The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre, where you have to use each of the gang’s skills to successfully escape the wedding alive
  • The World Series Defense, where the gang has to find a way into the stadium while avoiding security
  • Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs, which starts off easy but the further into the month it gets the more difficult it gets, with the scenery beginning to get darker, Mac and Dennis hallucinating, Wally Schmidt constantly popping up and scaring the shit out of you, the gameplay getting more and more erratic, basically turning into a horror game.

And then there could be so many little perks, like

  • if you press a certain button while playing as Mac, he tries to do a backflip but fails miserably every time
  • if you’re playing as Dee and put her under too much pressure, she starts gagging and you have to restart the level
  • if you push too many buttons at once while playing as Charlie, he yells “wildcard!” then does something that you can’t control, potentially jeopardizing the level

There’s just so much potential I can’t stop thinking about it… I need an It’s Always Sunny video game asap…


Bear Hugs

Ben Franks And George Robson Celebrate London Irish’s Champion Title!

Woof, Baby!

the old brand new feeling (frank castle)

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(aaaa i love frank so much he is literally my all time fave sooo….expect lots of unprompted frank, honestly :’o let’s get to it!)

(warnings: mentions of knives, mentions of violence, but no completed acts, attempted (but failed) mugging, mentions of food, mentions of homelessness, cute frank castle moments)

i feel like taking chances/ i feel a lot like seventeen/ you take me right back to when we were kids/ never thought i’d feel like this

(brand new- ben rector)

Frank Castle hasn’t been on a real date since the last time Hell’s Kitchen had a drive-in movie theatre. That was approximately a decade ago, if his math is right, but Christ only knows he isn’t great with numbers. Or dates. His general perception of time has begun to edge out of sync with reality, in all honesty.

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ID #45866

Name: Remmelt
Age: 19
Country: The Netherlands

Hi, my name is Remmelt. I’m a Dutch student. A few months ago I moved to Amsterdam, but originially I’m from the flat farmlands. I’m following a bachelor at the University of Amsterdam that focuses on the various aspects of European culture, politics, history, economics and law. Hit me up if you want to talk about music (Florence + The Machine, Lorde, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Ben Howard), books, art (Picasso), travelling (never been outside of Europe so tell me about it!!) and just everything that involves the complexity of love, hate, loneliness, war, space, being alive!! I want to be a writer too, btw — one day. xx

Preferences: 18-25, male/female/whatever gender you want to be, be kind!!


Ben Franks, Anarchist academic and author of “Rebel Alliances” about anarchism in UK.

He will introduce his recent work, Between Anarchism and Marxism: The beginnings and ends of the schism? which will be followed by group discussion of the questions posed.

“The standard approach, endorsed by orthodox Marxists and many anarchists, is to see an irreconcilable difference between anarchism and Marxism. However, the historical record shows that whilst Marx opposed – and was opposed by - leading anarchists prior to 1917 there was considerable positive interaction between diverse Marxist and anarchist groups. The division between the two, viewed as fundamental, I argue, is in fact the product of a particular form of political structure that dominated the revolutionary-left in the last century. Now that these hierarchical forms of organisation have been discredited, rediscovered and revised forms of Marxism have arisen that, once again, actively engage with anarchism.”

Haven’t watched this to the end, but long enough to think folk will find it interesting, also long enough to spot our own @anarcutie making an entrance :)