goatsandgangsters asked:

OH MY GOD PLEASE DO THINGS FOREVER ((seriously everything you draw is so amazing I almost just fell off my bed))

HAH omg stop no thank you <3 <3 <3 it’s really just circles and no fingers.



Being really close friends with the Marauders and when someone from Slytherin attacks you writing ‘Mudblood’ on your wrist they are more than angry. When the boys find out who it was they all know exactly what to do so they go to the Slytherin common room with a few others (Prewett twins, Sturgis Podmore, Edgar Bones, Dedalus Diggle, Benjy Fenwick, Caradoc Dearborn and even Frank Longbottom, Teddy Tonks and Arthur Weasley)  and start a fight with the Slytherin students starts in the middle of the common room.