Bonanza Gif Challenge

The 3rd gif in your folder is your reaction to the first time you watched Bonanza:

(‘Nuff said.)

The 15th gif in your folder is how you feel when you see Little Joe:

(Well…what can I say?)

The 6th gif in your folder is your reaction to a Cartwright (or your Cartwright crush :P ) getting shot/injured/deathly ill:


The 21st gif in your folder is how you feel when Little Joe flirts with you:

External image

(First count said this one; second count said another; I decided this one.)

The 9th gif in your folder shows your reaction to another (stupid!!) woman denying a Cartwright marriage:

(Well, they’re stupid, aren’t they? Even Dom thinks so…)

The 2nd to last gif in your folder expresses your relationship with Hoss:

(#brb #dying)

The very last gif in your folder is how you feel when Adam sings:

(I…don’t know what to make of that.)


Watch from 02:10:00

“Michael came from a family that was not functional. It was a dysfunctional family. And he bore the scars of that. He was a wonderful, very handsome young man and a great athlete. But psychologically he had been wounded, he had been scarred.

And the most marvellous thing in the world to watch was scenes between him and Lorne Greene: the compassion and the understanding and the love.

You know on a motion picture and television set the crew has seen everything in the world, right? And yet they were struck silent by the relationship that developed between these two.

Michael had found his father.”

(David Dortort begins to cry.)

“Bonanza is cheesy and lame”

# you take that back you ugly snot nose peasant who isn’t good enough to walk on ponderosa dirt I otta throw you off a cliff except Id let Hoss throw ya cuz he can throw farther than I can and I don’t care that I’m wrinkling your new spiffy jacket cuz actually wrinkles suit you better and my hair is way better than yours if i ever see your face around here again I’m gonna really tell you off …..