Some of the boards for this sequence where Hex ‘s lack of familiarity with The Youth leads him to believe that a flash mob of zombie walk attendees are actual zombies. The motivating idea behind it was that Hex is somehow knowledgeable of actual zombies and is as ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED of them as he is of the kind of next-level evil omnipotent necromancer skillz he knows it takes to actually summon them.

But we’re ignorant to all that so to us they’re just funny shambling popcorn movie cannon fodder.

Better Names for Broadway Stars:
  • Ben Fankhauser: Riff Daddy
  • Pippa Soo: Perfection
  • Aaron Tveit: Marry Me
  • Andrew Rannells: Leo's Successor #givetheguyatony
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: Sunshine Personified
  • Jonathan Groff: The Best
  • Sydney Lucas: Unnaturally Talented
  • Lucas Steele: Anatole-y Crap What a Range
  • Idina Menzel: Just a Volcano Full of Power
  • Carmen Cusack: Underrated
  • Skylar Astin: Broadway to Pitch Perfect
  • Ben Platt: Pitch Perfect to Broadway
  • Mike Faist: The Sass
  • John Gallagher, Jr.: Sad Sad Sad Sad
  • Debbie Reynolds: The Matriarch
  • Gene Kelly: Magical Granddaddy

Films by David Fincher

So, I saw Dear Evan Hansen, and I think I must inform all of you about somethings (part three):

• In Disappear, Connor’s ghost gets realll close to Evan and sounds desperate for Evan’s help.
• Alana, somewhere in there, sings her own tiny reprise of Waving Through A Window and it’s beautiful.
• In You Will Be Found, it shows Connor’s baby pictures and pictures of Connor before he grew out his hair. Turns out, it’s ALL of Mike Faist’s actual pictures. Some of them are recognizably from when he did Newsies!
• Zoe, before To Break In A Glove, warns Evan about the incoming Dad Talk that Larry is gonna give Evan. To which Larry responds, “women, right?” and no one in the theater looked happy with that comment.
• Evan’s voice cracks a LOT during the show and he looks down a lot too.
• Ben Platt does this really cute thing where he lifts his leg, squeezes his fingers together, and closes his eyes when he hits a high note.
• Only Us is in Evan’s room.
• Evan wears ONLY blue the whole show, but he wears tons of different shirts.
• Everyone changes clothes a LOT. Especially Jared. And Zoe is Very Fashionable.
• In Good For You, Jared and Alana stay close as if to protect each other, like Evan is some kind of monster.
• Before Words Fail, Connor’s ghost goes, “listen, you can get rid of me whenever you want, but do you think you’re suddenly going to go out there and tell everyone the truth? You can’t even tell yourself the truth. How did you break your arm, Evan?” Evan doesn’t respond. “How did you break your…” Evan cuts him off and goes, “I fell out of a tree! I slipped off!” To which Connor says, “Did you fall? Or did you let go.”
• After that, there’s a *deafening* silence, then a shattering lightbulb sound and Evan runs away.

me: *takes deep breath*

me: i-

everyone within a 12 mile radius: love dear evan hansen. we know. you feel like it’s changed your entire perspective on the world. you love that it has really good mental illness representation. we know. it’s all you care about. you love the cast as if they were your own children. ben platt is the light of your life. we KNOW you would sell both your kidneys to go to new york and see it. we get it, you could go on about any one of the characters for 87 hours without stopping. we understand that you love the complexity and depth of the plot. we get it, the songs are playing nonstop in your head and you’re obsessed with the orchestrations. we understand that it’s all you want to talk about and it has been for months now. yes. we know. we get it. YOU LOVE DEAR EVAN HANSEN. WE KNOW.
Cafer Nazlıbaş - Telli Turnam

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Kabak kemane telli çalgıların şahı olsa gerek..
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Başa sar sar dinle..
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