Ben Whishaw in London Spy (Empire, September 2015)

“It’s an interesting geographical fluke,” [Tom Rob Smith] muses. “You have MI6 there, and the hub of gay clubbing on the other side of the river, so I thought, ‘Let’s take one person from that side, and one from the other, and have them collide.’ It’s an accidental love story.”

London Spy airs on BBC Two in October !!!

Bakkhai review – Ben Whishaw and Bertie Carvel share the honours | Stage | The Guardian

On the one hand Ben Whishaw. Wandlike – or thyrsos-like – swaying in a wispy beard and ankle-skimming yellow dress. On the other hand, Bertie Carvel. Crisp in a Cameron-like suit, and white shirt, hands in pockets, his stance is all casual confidence, but his face is ready to pucker into warring zones of anxiety.

007 Spectre Official Trailer #2 (2015) Daniel Craig James Bond Movie HD
007 Spectre Trailer 2 (2015) Daniel Craig James Bond Movie HD [Official Trailer]

I mean, i was egging to see this. What i didn’t expect is to see Moriarty there. Even for a second i got a glimpse of Andrew Scott! Which I screamed for. My my mum thought I’ve gone crazy. “BUT IT’S MORIARTY MUM!! JAMES FREAKING MORIARTY!! HE’S ABOUT TO GET TO Q!! SHERLOCK’S LITTLE BROTHER!”

The BONDLOCK AU. it’s happening!!


My sweet girl, I am living today in yesterday. I was in a complete fascination all day. Write me ever so few lines and tell me you will never forever be less kind to me than yesterday. You dazzled me. There is nothing in the world so bright and delicate. You have absorbed me. I have a sensation at the present moment as if I was dissolving.”