Ben Sandwich


Okay, okay, we’ll get the writers to fix it. Come on, Ben, we got the best writers in town!

Yeah, that’s all I hear, Matt! They’re young. They’re hip. They’re fun. Hey! Do your jobs!

Michael Jacobs’ & BMW director/producer Jeff McCracken’s kids play the Kid Gets Acquainted with The Universe writers. Including GMW writer Joshua Jacobs as the one who says Ben is poopy.


New York Daily News reports that Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream created a new flavor named “Bernie’s Yearning” and gave out samples to gathered New Yorkers in Manhattan, March 31st. Cohen says that he is not planning on making a Trump themed treat, but he noted that a deli in Burlington created a sandwich in honor of the Republican candidate: “it was three pounds of baloney between two slices of white bread.”

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BEN SANDWICH: Oh man, we’re doing this story again?! How many times have we done this, Matt?! A HUNDRED THOUSAND?
SCHNEIDER: He’s yelling again. Stop the yelling.
BEN SANDWICH: You know how can I learn so much every week, AND STILL BE SO STUPID?
SCHNEIDER: Oh make him stop, make him stop!
MATT: Okay okay, we’ll get the writers to fix it. Come on Ben, we got the best writers in town!
BEN SANDWICH: Yeah that’s all I hear, Matt! THEY’RE YOUNG! THEY’RE HIP! THEY’RE FUN! HEY! DO YOUR JOBS! Oh what’s wrong, did I hurt your feelings? Good! Because you know what this script is? IT’S POOPY! 

when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin