Ben Mansfield

Something positive you want to say to Mark Gatiss/Ben Mansfield?

As I am going to be able to give Mark Gatiss and Ben Mansfield (Primeval) a letter or something similar, I wanted to ask you all if you have something POSITIVE you want to tell them (or one of them, it’s gonna be a letter each). If so, just write to me and I’ll write it down and give it to him!

You can either just answer to this post or send something in my inbox - if you do so with your username, I’ll include it, but you can send it anonymously as well, if you like. 

I don’t know when exactly I’m going to give it to him, but probably on Thursday (16 Feb) or Friday (17 Feb).

Also - you can also send me things for Ian Hallard (Mark Gatiss’ hubby).

I’d be happy about a signal boost, so more people can see this!

Tagging some people under the cut who might want to see this.

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