Some friendly deer I met at Paul Bunyan’s Animal Land in Bemidji, Minnesota.  Thought I would share something different. 

The first deer I spent at least half an hour petting.  He was just a big baby with antlers.  ^__^  The last one is the elusive albino devil deer.  Actually, I made that up.  XD  I don’t remember what that breed is called.

Red Lake girl to take part in Macy’s parade

Selena Jourdain, a 12-year-old Red Lake girl, remembers when she first started dancing; it was almost as soon as she started walking.

Selena, a seventh-grader at Red Lake Middle School, will appear on the Oneida Indian Nation’s “True Spirit of Thanksgiving” float, which honors American Indian nations, and represents the Oneida Nation’s creation story with vivid characters, symbols and performers. The float, which premiered in 2008, features a 30-foot-tall white pine “Tree of Peace.”

Selena, who said she thinks she will be on the float and not actually dancing, is a member of the Native Pride Dancers, a Minneapolis-based troupe that aims to share the “spirit and beauty of Indigenous peoples” through dance, music and storytelling.

Selena said she can perform all the dances but is particularly strong as a fancy shawl and jingle dress dancer. Her favorite subject in school is science, and she wants to be a cosmetologist and a “world champion dancer” when she gets older.

via Bemidji Pioneer

This time last year I was preparing to move away from my home and everything I knew to pursue my career… A thousand miles away in Northern Minnesota. It was a tough decision, and some times I think I regret it because of what it cost me (someone I love.) But then I remember all the amazing friends I made and still talk to every week. I remember seeing, and being inside, of the Aurora Borealis (northern lights,) spending 4th of July watching fireworks with the entire Kamaji Crew in town at the beach, eating lunch at the vegan cafe, The Cabin, every chance I got, walking around downtown Bemidji with my wonderful room mates Rachael and Aimee, catching over fifty frogs and putting them in the boys’ cabin plus the slew of other ridiculous pranks Aimee (aka Thacker Jacker,) Rachael (aka Smiles,) and I (aka Snortz) pulled on the boys, waking up to beautiful sunrises and falling asleep to beautiful sunsets over the most beautiful river… So many amazing memories of last summer that I will never forget.