Altbau apartments in the Hansaviertel in Berlin. The Hansaviertel is the smallest among the 95 Berliner Stadtteile, located between Großer Tiergarten and the Spree river within the Mitte borough. It was almost completely destroyed during WW2, but was rebuilt from 1957-1961 as a housing estate project. Schloss Bellevue, the residence of the German President, is nearby.

Cheesecake Factory- Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake

Layers of red velvet cake and cheesecake covered in cream cheese frosting, finished with white chocolate

How would a trip to Cheesecake Factory be complete without a slice of cheesecake? I’m not a fan of red velvet, there’s just way too much red food colouring added to achieve the signature deep red! You can already see the red from the cake seep into the cheese cake. However, my sister insisted on eating it so we ended up ordering it anyways (the only part she actually cared about was the cream pile beside it and not the cake). The cake was standard, I still much rather have mom’s more normal cheesecake. 

trip to Bellvue

Yesterday I went to Bellvue, which is a city right next to my current hometown. As I’m not allowed to drive yet (I have to get an extra drivers license for the state of Washington) I had to take the bus.

So instead of a 15min cardrive I went on a 50 minute bus drive, but it wasn’t too bad though. I got to see the streets of Bellvue and time actually went by very quickly. Bus driving in America is pretty much the same as bus driving in Vorarlberg/Austria.. So nothing special to tell you about that, haha.
From the bus stop in Bellvue I had to take an about 7 minutes walk to the Bellvue Square.

The Bellvue Square is a huge mall - well in comparison to the malls we have in Vorarlberg, hahaha (If you actually are from Vorarlberg you’ll get my laughter, because the biggest ‘malls’ over there are Messepark and Zimbapark I guess.. And it’s not that hard to beat those two malls in size and offer). As soon as I reached the Bellvue Square I went straight to the apple store, beccause I had to get myself a new phone. After that I went to the t-mobile store to get a new plan.
If you are an au pair and want to make a new plan - I can only recommend t-mobile. Tell them that you’re here as an au pair and they’ll show you their special offers for au pairs/students. 
And after finishing all the organizational stuff I enjoyed my time at the mall, hahaha. I got myself something to eat, strolled through the mall and of course - I bought some things. I will probably post a little haul tonight, if not I will post it tomorrow :)

xoxo Mimi