Had a blast at Sakura Sunday in philly as Akaashi ! Also have i mentioned how obsessed I am with @mookie000 art and how it made me HAVE to cosplay Akaashi because they draw him so damn good 👌🌸✨

He was just another young kid (…) If I remember anything in specific, it was that he was always very pleasant—pleasant to me, to his co-workers, to the customers. Very nice kid. Oh, and his hair. He had his mop-top coming over his ears like this [Edwards says, cuffing his own] and my boss used to get on me, saying he needed to cut his hair, and I would tell him: ‘What am I to do? He thinks he’s a rock star!‘
—  Kelly Edwards, hotel director at the Gold Coast on Brandon Flowers who worked there as a bellman  

JOHN ROGERS: When we finished the first take of the pilot, with Saul Rubinek trading barbs with her face to face, he stumbled over to me after the first take. I asked him if he was okay. He smiled grimly and muttered “John, you have no idea what it’s like to be the full focus of that woman’s attention.”