Sophie Philippine Élisabeth Justine de France, fille de France (27 July 1734 – 2 March 1782) was a French princesse du sang. She was the sixth daughter and eighth child of Louis XV of France and his Queen consort,Marie Leszczyńska. First known as Madame Cinquième, she later became Madame Sophie.


Sophie is less well known than many of her sisters. Her birth at the Palace of Versailles was relatively unremarked. Unlike the older children of Louis XV, she was not raised at Versailles, but sent to live at the Abbey of Fontevraud with her older sister Madame Victoire and younger sisters Madame Thérèse (who died young) and Madame Louise.

She had a shy, reserved nature, and was considered ugly and uninteresting. She is reported to have had a phobia of thunder, and it was known that she reacted strongly toward it. Her father called her Graille. She did not exercise any influence at the court, but let herself be directed by her older sister Madame Adélaïde, following her in her antipathy against her father’s mistresses, Madame de Pompadour and then Madame du Barry.

She was one of the four royal sisters to survive their parents. Her mother died on 24 June 1768 and all of her children were badly affected. Her father died six years later on 10 May 1774.

During the reign of her nephew Louis XVI of France, she and her sisters were allowed to maintain their apartments at Versailles and often stayed at the Château de Bellevue - made famous by the mistress of her father. In 1776, Louis XVI made her the Duchess of Louvois with her sister Madame Adélaïde, both of whom held the duchy-peerage for their lifetime.

She was buried in the royal tomb at the Royal Basilica of Saint Denis which was plundered and destroyed at the time of the French Revolution.

Her nephews included (among others) Ferdinand, Duke of Parma, Louis XVI of France, Louis XVIII of France, Charles X of France. Her nieces included Madame Élisabeth and Queen Maria Luisa of Spain.

In 2006, she was played by actress Shirley Henderson in the movie Marie Antoinette.

Her niece, Madame Sophie, youngest daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette was named after her.

My lip injection experience!

As some of you may know I got my lips done yesterday with my best friend and I wanted to share my experience with anyone interested!
My best friend and I went to see Dr. Engrari in Bellevue, yesterday at 2:45. We arrived about a half hour early and I filled out some paperwork and her and I talked for a few minutes. Then the nurse came to get us and brought us back to waiting room where she had us remove the makeup directly around our mouths. Dr. Engrari then came in and we showed him a couple pictures and told him want we wanted. We asked for one full syringe and a little Botox in the top part of the lip to lift it up like Kylie Jenner’s. He came back in with the nurse a few minutes later with the syringes and had my friend lay back in the chair so he could inject the dental block into her mouth first. Then he did mine so hers could get a bit more numb. He injected the dental block into my mouth maybe a total of 8 times (this is just an estimate, I was not counting), in my upper lip, lower lips, the corners of my lips and the inside of my mouth. This was definitely the most painful part because I could feel the needle going right into my lips and mouth, even all the way into my cheek! I just told myself that it would be worth it and luckily that part was over in maybe less than two minutes. Then we switched and he injected a little more numbing stuff into my friends mouth and then again in my mouth and then he decided that I was numb enough and that he was going to go ahead and inject the restalyne into my lips. I couldn’t feel this part at all because my mouth was completely numb, but I still squeezed my friends hand anyways for comfort! He injected the restalyne about 8 times (again not counting, just an estimate) into my lips and then injected the Botox right at the top of lips. After that he squeezed my lips a little to shape them a little I assume which I though was funny because it kind of sounded like gummy bears when he did that! My entire mouth felt so numb and big and it was kind of hard to talk to but luckily I didn’t really feel any pain. I kept trying to say that my mouth felt like gummy bears but the numbing stuff made it hard to say the letter B so I just sounded really silly and messed up! Then he finished with my friend and he gave us ice packs and we were able to pay and leave right away. The total cost of the 1cc of restalyne was $635 and the Botox cost $80, so it came out to a total of $715.
I have been and will continue to post updates about my injections that I will tag as lip injections so you guys can easily find them all! Let me know if you have any questions!


Sound Transit video explaining how the world’s first light rail line across a floating bridge has been developed.