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Hello! Can you help a fellow fangirl out? I always get lost in the terminologies of the fandom... What's the difference between SwanQueen, Swen and SaviorQueen? I think the only one that I understood is Morilla, and I'm sure as hell won't be touching it even with a ten-foot pole. Thanks!

Okay… here is the thing about this fandom.  It fucking LOVES it’s ship names.  Two characters show up on screen for the first time and I can tell you half of tumblr is trying to figure out what to call the ship before they exchange dialogue.  For instance I understand the going name for Cruella/Ursula before they appeared was Octopup. Anyway…. here is a run down of all the ship names i can think of…

In this fandom almost all of these can be used to refer to them either Romantically (OTP) or as friendship (BroTP)

  • Beauty Queen - Belle and Regina
  • Captain Charming - David and Hook (both friendship and romantic)
  • Captain Cobra - Hook and Henry as psuedo father and son
  • Captain Swan - Emma and Hook
  • Charming-Mills Family - Snow, David, Regina, Emma and Henry as a unit.
  • The Charmings - the above group minus Regina
  • Daddy Charming - Emma and David as a father daughter relationship.
  • Dimples Queen - Regina and Roland friendship.
  • Dragon Queen - Maleficent and Regina
  • Evil Charming - Regina and Charming
  • Evil Cricket (or Regal Cricket) - Regina and Archie
  • Evil Snowing - Snow, Charming and Regina (bro3P and in threesomes)  Very popular in Missing Year fics.
  • Fairy Queen - Tinkerbell and Regina
  • Frankenwolf - Red and Whale
  • Frozen Swan - Elsa and Emma
  • Golden Hook - Rumple and Hook
  • Golden Queen - Rumple and Regina
  • Golden Swan - Rumple and Emma
  • Gremma - Graham and Emma
  • Hood-Mills Family - Regina, Robin, Roland and Henry as a family unit.
  • Hooked Queen - Regina and Hook
  • Mad Queen - Regina and Jefferson
  • Maiden Queen - Regina and Marian.  Otherwise known as when you discover you are accidentally an incest shipper…
  • Outlaw Believer - Robin Hood and Henry (though very few people ship this independent of Hood-Mills Family)
  • Outlaw Queen - Regina and Robin Hood
  • Philora - Philip and Aurora
  • Red Beauty - Red and Belle
  • Red Queen - Red and Regina (not to be confused with the character The Red Queen from OUaTIW)
  • Red Warrior (or Mulan Rouge) - Red and Mulan.
  • Regal Believer - The mother son relationship between Regina and Henry
  • Regal Snowspawn - Regina with Baby Neal
  • Rumbelle - Rumple and Belle
  • Scarlet Beauty - Will Scarlet and Belle
  • Sea Devil - Cruella and Ursula 
  • Sleeping Warrior - Aurora (as in Sleeping Beauty) and Mulan.  
  • Snowing - Snow and Charming (always romantically) 
  • Snow Queen - Regina and Snow (almost always means BroTP, if it’s being shipped romantically it’s usually said with Romantic or OTP attached)
  • Swan Believer - The mother son relationship between Emma and Henry
  • Swanfire (or SwanThief) - Emma and Neal
  • Swan-Mills Family - Emma, Regina and Henry as a unit, not necessarily romantically.  Team Moms is another popular term used usually for when Emma and Regina work as an action duo.  
  • Swan Queen - Emma and Regina.  One of the largest factions in the fandom.  It can mean any interaction but there is a very large and very active group of people who ship them romantically and some who ship them as a friendship.  And to be even more confusing those who ship them as a friendship Pre-romance.  Swen is one name for a SQer, but also as a way of describing the people who ship it as a whole.  Like “they do not represent Swen” to mean some loud mouth person doesn’t represent the entire group.
  • Violet Believer (or Stable Believer) - Henry and Violet
  • Wicked Outlaw (or Outlaw Green) - Romantically shipping Robin and Zelena.  This one is very controversal and very likely to offend both rape victims, rape victim advocates and OQ shippers.  

As you can see the ship names are usually plays on the titles of stories or characteristics of characters.  So Swan always means Emma, and Evil or Regal always means Regina, and Queen usually means Regina.  To add a little confusion there was a fairly popular ship from the failed spinoff Once Upon a Time in Wonderland often called Scarlet Queen (Will Scarlet and the Red Queen).  

There are two other sets of ship tags you should be aware of if only to avoid them.  Believer Queen is the description of people who ship Regina and Henry romantically.  Yes, that reaction you are probably having is the reaction most people have.  They have a separate ship name in order to do what they do away from others judgement.  Black Queen is also the name of an incest ship between Regina and Cora.  

You obviously know what Morilla is (real life JMo and Lana).  Colifer is the equally distasteful shipping of the real life Colin and JMo.  Given that Colin and Lana are both happily married… you get it.  Gosh is the obviously not distasteful Ginny Goodwin and Josh Dallas who are married in real life to each other.  Usually you will see questions on spoiler pictures of Snow and Charming kiss asking if it was Snowing or Gosh.  Because they’re apparently that cute and in love and affectionate out of character too.

PureCharm is a joke that goes around fandom because at one point Lana Parrilla was asked what she shipped and among a long list of once ships which included all her own plus Rumbelle she listed “PureCharm” which probably means Snowing but amused people because she appeared to make up her own ship name.


The one I was kind of avoiding explaining…  Savior Queen is/was a tag for Emma and Regina as friends, many people used it with good intent but others did not and attempted to use it to delegitimatize SQ shippers.   It has been used for homophobic and exclusionary purposes and anyone still using Savior Queen are doing so with full knowledge that what they are doing is hurtful

And just so I don’t confuse you even further I wont talk about them here but nearly every individual character with a big enough fandom has a name for that character fandom too.

Like I said.  This fandom loves it’s fucking ship names.

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