|  “Should I be worried?“  |

*edit- I must have been really tired when i finished this up, because I JUST noticed that i skipped two pretty important details in the 5th panel. It’s fixed now, so hopefully everything will be less confusing!!

coloring the kagune was my favorite part. Coloring Kaneki was not my favorite part. bby i love you, white hair and all, but your color palette is that of a ghost. 

I think this is also the first time i have drawn since semester got out, so like 2 months.

So like I said before, this is for the Belle Fleur AU, but it might take a while before we get there…. and it might not be that happy cuddly in actuality either…

♥ When I’m sad I can count on them to make me smile 


Caspar Lee - Zoe Sugg - Jack Harries - Fleur Bell - Niomi Smart - Marcus Butler - Joe Sugg - Louise Pentland - Alfie Deyes - Finn Harries - Tanya Burr - Jim Chapman