“How a Dark One manifests is specific to each person who takes on the mantle”

This, right here is the most important thing about what they said. (x)

I’ve been receiving a lot of asks since the finale aired regarding Emma as the dark one and something I noticed is that some people think that the fact that she’s now the DO immediately turns her into Rumple 2, or means that her heart is now completely black.

A&E here confirmed what I’ve been answering to these Anons. That Emma is different. She is a powerful hero, full of light. She will be facing the darkness very differently from Rumple, who was a weak person before he became the DO.

And more importantly, the way we see Emma facing her situation, will inflect the responsibility that Rumple had on his behavior. Because DO or not, Rumple had a choice. He could have chose Belle and Bealfire, but he chose the darkness instead. Emma would choose the light over the darkness, Hook and Henry over this new power. I’m positive of this! She would be the first person to fight and win the DO within. 


My love for this scene from Dollhouse knows no bounds. From Victor’s expression of the Kiki imprint to the ridiculous club dancing to Paul’s final “you got a problem?”, this scene is pure Dollhouse GOLD.

The more I watch Dollhouse, the more I’m convinced that Enver Gjorkaj (Victor) is one of the most talented yet underrated actors around right now. Simply phenomenal.

Belle Chose || Penelope and Charlotte

Not every meeting scheduled for the week was full of misery and utter surprise; the two o’clock Elaine took care to remind her of offered some manner of hope and bright possibilities. Charlotte Peterson had returned to London.

If Penelope were being truly honest, it would have been enough to know that Charlotte was even alive, let alone in a state to return to duty. Perhaps it shouldn’t have been, she scolded herself. The hadn’t even spoken to each other properly yet. The meeting was arranged down a pipeline of secretaries and assistants and other people’s pens on paper. Like passing notes across the classroom, only with more dignity. There was no way of knowing if she was the same woman, let alone a friend. For once, Penelope found the idea of watching Charlotte glide up the stairs and breeze into the office too paranoid and shameful to bear.

She lounged in her chair with a lazy regal elegance that had been contrived with strenuous care over the years. Even if Charlotte were not the Versace clad beauty Penelope had known in school, they were still having their luncheon under the guise of old friends reconnecting before matters became too hectic for such small pleasures.

“Leave the drinks to me, Elaine,” she said softly.

“As you wish, your ladyship.”

Penelope gave the faintest of smiles, “It wouldn’t do to be too presumptuous. For all we know, I’ll need a good vodka tonic to get through this.”

The old woman raised her brow.

“But we remain hopeful as ever. You may go.”

Hopeful as ever indeed, Penelope thought as the door mercifully closed. Given the very best of circumstances, Charlotte could be a very useful ally. The scales between the sexes in the Council were much more balanced now due to their extenuating circumstances. God knew they must have been to put her in charge without secretly crossing their fingers in hopes she’d decline. Charlotte wouldn’t be in any sort of minority or disadvantage. Moreover, her seniority in age might make it easier for her to infiltrate the corners of the office that were suspected to be less than enthusiastic about the new order as a small favor perhaps, when the time was right. Glamours were a tedious business at times, but as the new head of the council, there wasn’t much in the way of seeing how things were going in the trenches for herself. Which only left security feed and delegating. If Charlotte was still the driven woman she’d had an affinity for in her early days at the Council, perhaps she could help fill in the gaps. Perhaps they might even come to rely on each other. Wouldn’t that be divine, Penelope thought with a dry chuckle. A colleague she could bring herself to trust.

Penelope exhaled slowly, letting her breath trickle out in time to the rain slithering down her window. All things in due course. There was no need to rush. It seemed doubtful that her old acquaintance would lose her knack for punctuality, but traffic could always be a nightmare. It was rather likely that she’d have a few more ripe minutes on her hands to mull matters over before getting into the thick of things.

The door opened.

Then again, perhaps not.


A fantastic scene from Dollhouse 2x03 Belle Chose. It’s not particularly spoilery, but i guess if you’re worried you can just not hit play. (It involves Kiki and it’s hilarious).