Belle Knox

Since being outed by a classmate as a porn performer, Duke freshman Belle Knox (that’s her performance name) has received endless slut shaming and death threats. NOT OKAY. She responded with a totally badass feminist essay on her right to perform and the hypocrisy of shaming (female) porn performers while celebrating (male) porn consumers. Read her essay here.

Porn defenders have been delighted to cite the example of the now infamous Duke University porn star “Belle Knox” (now revealed to be the 18-year-old Miriam Weeks), who talked publicly about how starring in porn films is helping her pay her way through university. Being in porn, she says, is “freeing, it is empowering, it is wonderful, it is how the world should be.”

But last week, this story was reported:

…former pornstar Shelley Lubben of the Pink Cross Foundation has now posted a graphic video showing a male pornographic actor repeatedly choking, slapping, shaking, and verbally abusing Weeks…

Lubben, whose Pink Cross Foundation encourages porn stars to leave the business, uploaded the film, blurring out all nudity, to the social media website

“How does it make you feel personally to, like, watch degrading sex or see women being degraded and treated like s—t or just objectified?” a male interviewer asks Weeks.

“Hot as h***,” Weeks replied.

A muscular actor then grabs her around the throat as she fights to loosen his grip around her larynx. After learning she describes herself as a feminist, the man slaps her numerous times, telling her she is worthless.

As a trail of moisture trickles from her eyes down her haggard face, he says, “Feminism 101 right here,” before continuing his assault.

I can’t speak to what Ms. Weeks finds freeing and empowering and wonderful, but only an insane and very creepy misogynist would claim that the abuse she participates in is, actually, any of those things.