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1/2 Do you think ONCE would've been better if they'd just made Zelena the Big Bad S4-6 - Zelena/the Hat, Zelena/the QoD/Author, Zelena/DO entity(?) Zelena/the Evil Queen/Hyde, - (why kill her just to bring her back?), Bae/Neal would still be alive & if they hadn't made it Once Upon A Hook/Everybody Hates Rumple? Rumple, Regina & (*eye roll*) Hook could continue their redemption arc side-by-side with family support & Zelena & main arc villain take centre stage. Everything went downhill post 3x11.

I think that the character/storytelling integrity on OUAT would have left a much better impression on our minds, if it had just ended with “Going Home” (3x11). It’s pretty obvious to me that they had run out of consistent, dynamic, organic, realistic, and well-developed storyline for all of the original main staple characters on the show from season one of OUAT, including Emma, Regina, Rumple, Snow, David (“Charming”), and Henry, which is why most of their character arcs from 3B-6A of the show either felt totally inorganic, shocking, and purely plot-driven, and/or went back-and-forth between character development and regression every half season. It might have been most obvious with Rumple because he was their scapegoat antagonist from 3B-6A, whether it actually made sense for everyone else to be pissed off at him in the narrative, or not, but really, it’s every main character on this show, including Hook, who they obviously brought 3B-S7 back for to do CS, that has been reduced to a mere plot device for Adam and Eddy’s stupid magical deus ex machinna soap opera plots.

I’m going to use Rumple and Belle as prime examples because they are the most obvious ones, who have suffered from this sort of circular character development-regression on the show from 3B-6A, (or even in S2), and/or been written spitefully and inorganically for the sake of increasingly nonsensical, OOC, and magical deus ex machinna soap opera plot-driven storylines that have made less and less sense. It’s sad because Rumple and Belle are/were actually always the most beautiful, organically emotionally complex, relatable, and dynamic characters/couple on the show, thanks to Robert Carlyle and Emilie De Ravin’s fantastic acting/chemistry together on screen that could even make the worst possible assassination of their characters in 6A almost feel worth forgiving the writers for doing to deliberately taint both their individual characters and their relationship together, no matter how little fucking sense it made at the end of it all.

However, every main character’s development/regression on this show has been written pretty circularly back-and-forth, illogically, and/or inorganically from 3B-6A (S7), not just Rumple and Belle’s, because Kitsowitz ran out of original storyline for all of them after 3x11, and have just been trying to recycle the same old storyline over and over again from S1-S3A with new, and increasingly nonsensical, and character assassinating magical plot twists and stupid retcons, like the whole thing of the EQ suddenly having the hots for Rumple in 6A.

Luckily, there’s no evidence that Rumple and the EQ ever made it past second base, and I’m pretty sure the only reasons why he was with her at all in the first place in 6A were because she sexually assaulted him twice first, reminding him of Zelena, wouldn’t leave him alone after giving him the shears, he felt trapped, and so he led her on to try and survive his trauma and kill two birds with one stone by gaining control in a situation where he felt helpless, and getting rid of his worst living enemy, not love, sex, or desire on his part, which makes it even more gross that Kitsowitz tried to shrug off the Golden Queen shit as a “rebound” or a “romance” for Rumple. If it were just that, then I’d have been cool with Rumple seeing someone else when Belle wanted nothing to do with him, but what the EQ was doing to him in 6A was sick sexual assault and the demonization of his PTSD. It reminded me of him kissing Zelena and giving into her romantic advances “consensually” because he felt trapped by her, and it seriously offended me and pissed me off when A&E and the writers tried to make the EQ look like Rumple’s “victim” by having him emotionally manipulate her by implying that he might sleep with her, if she killed Zelena for him first out of nowhere in a deal (luckily, he didn’t go through with it, and from how uncomfortable and disinterested he was in the EQ the whole time he had to deal with her kisses and touches, even that one time he “consensually” made out with her in his shop, expecting Zelena to come in at any moment, so that he could get the EQ to kill her for him, I don’t believe he ever actually intended to sleep with the EQ either way, especially because he told Belle it “meant nothing,” and he was still wearing his ring the whole time.

But again, that’s just a headcanon of mine that I have because Robert Carlyle has made it pretty obvious that Rumple has PTSD from the sexual abuse/assault that Rumple has suffered from Zelena and Milah, and I’d like to think that Rumple would be smart enough to not go through with an implied deal to have sex with someone else, even if they did do his dirty work for him, like he asked, because he’s not that stupid, and he genuinely did not look like someone, who was getting a boner when the EQ was kissing him without his consent, or even when he “consensually” made out with the Evil Queen in his shop that one time in 6a with the seeming expectation of being caught mid-makeout session with the EQ by Zelena (he ran into her a few minutes before all this happened in a cut scene at Granny’s, so I think he was expecting to get caught with the EQ by her when he was doing that with her in his shop, especially because he told Belle it “meant nothing” and because the expression on his face looked so bored, disgusted, and dead on the inside when he was making out with the EQ when he caught, like “How much longer do I have to keep up with this shit with the Evil Queen until Zelena comes walking through that door, so I can stop doing this because it’s making me feel queasy inside?”) But it was still never clearly confirmed what the hell Rumple was thinking in hanging around the EQ in 6A because he was the “villain” of 6A, so his POV wasn’t explored, and no one else gave a shit about hearing him out on what he was actually doing, or treating him like human, including his true love (up until the last minute of 6A when it all almost blew up in their faces). However, I’m trying to make sense of it in the most in-character and realistic possible way for Rumple in the show that spares his reputation.

But, anyway, as I was saying, everyone’s character development was getting axed on this show, and going in circles from 3B-6A, not just Rumple and Belle. How many times was Emma’s arc about other characters breaking through her walls (to the point of having an unhealthy complete 180 in character development that made her Hook’s abuser, lap dog, and victim, who completely ignored her family and personal values from S5 onwards, and became a mere love interest on her own show) from 3B onward? How many times was Regina’s arc about trying to find a way to fill that empty hole in her heart for her desire to be accepted, and to get past the bad choices she made from 3B-6A, even though she was already getting that wholehearted love and acceptance that she always wanted post S1 from Emma, the Charmings, and Henry, and all the writers had to do was make it so that she was able to take full responsibility for her shitty choices in the past, rather than trying to blame Rumple for her problems, or trying to find a magical deus ex-machinna to find happiness and self-acceptance that she should have just been able to achieve organically, like the author in S4, or the whole stupid split!Regina/EQ shit in S5? How many times was it revealed somewhere in the storyline from S4-6A that Snow and David were keeping a dark or tragic secret from Emma, like kidnapping someone else’s child to magically remove their daughter’s inherent potential for great darkness into another’s innocent child without either one of theirs consent (which was not just looping development, but also character assassination for soap opera OOC plot drama) or that Snow couldn’t keep a secret at all and sold out Belle to Hyde to save her and Charming’s own skins (also an innocent negative character that turned into a flaw), and that Snow was always struggling with her conscience because a part of her was always willing to darken her heart to protect her children and keep them “heroic” deep down, no matter the cost? How many times has Henry’s arc been about trying to pull everyone together to make everyone else believe in magic, fairytales, and true love, and/or to try to destroy the source of it altogether in a very character assassinating way in S5 for what he believes to be everyone’s problems stemming from magic from 3B-S7? How many times has Hook’s arc been about going on a quest for revenge against someone else, who wronged him, trying to be in Emma’s favor with the writers brushing his shady past under the rug, hiding his true colors from her as much as possible, putting on the mask of a “good” man for her, trying to change her entire personality by intentionally invading and disrespecting her personal space, personal opinions, and feelings, in his desire to “break her walls,” and dominate her entire life, regardless of whether she wanted him to be a part of it or not from S3-6A?

It’s true that Adam and Eddy could have given Rumple and Regina more consistent and drawn out slow-burn redemption arcs by developing their relationships with Baelfire, Belle, Henry, Emma, and the Charmings in a healthy and realistic way that that took course over seven seasons, and if they wanted to make Hook a redeemable and relatable character so fucking badly, then they shouldn’t have set him up in romance with Emma out of nowhere that was based on the misogynistic desire to “win her heart,”whether she liked it or not, focused more on fleshing out his backstory, given him a reason to be good because he actually wanted to be better, not just to impress Emma by being “fake”, and/or or thrown Hook and every other main character under the bus in a lazy, not to mention, total failed attempt to try and make him look better by comparison. But they’ve never been talented enough creative writers with much desire to treat their characters as individual people in the long run post S1.

Kitsowitz aren’t any good at planning ahead, they think on the spur of the moment, and so they got too distracted by moving on to the next big magical shiny twist, and sacrificed their characters for them too many times over because they are plot-driven big picture screenwriters, not skilled creative writers of character. Damon Lindlelof from Lost was, but he stopped mentoring them for OUAT’s writing after 3A, which is why the show went straight downhill once he left in 3B. Even back in S2, it was starting to show that Kitsowitz didn’t care all that much about character development, or integrity when the characterization was still consistent enough that the bad writing was almost ignorable, but it was still there.

For instance, that whole amnesiac Belle/Lacey plot that happened when Belle fell over the town line when Hook shot her to get back at Rumple, lost her memories, and then got magically transformed into Lacey by Regina to spite Rumple. That plot in S2 didn’t do anything for Rumple or Belle’s character development on the show. It was just a magical plot device to create angst for angst’s sake to separate them just because. It seemed pretty obvious to me in the canon narrative that Rumple just wanted Belle back the whole time in S2 when she had amnesia/became Lacey because he did try to wake Belle with TLK when she was asleep in the hospital to restore her memories when she had amnesia, he did try to be the good man beneath the curse that Belle fell in love with when he first encountered Lacey at a bar to try and bring back Belle from beneath the magical cursed alter ego, and I think he felt that appealing to Lacey’s dark side by beating up Keith Nottingham with his cane and being “as dark as they say you are” could be a way to make Lacey fall in love with him, so that he could potentially make her Belle again with TLK.

But, in the end, Rumple was not even the one who got to go on a major quest to restore Belle’s memories by reviving her with TLK in S2. Instead, it was the Blue Fairy who found a magical deus ex machinna potion to restore Belle’s memories at the end of S2 out of nowhere because plot was more important to Kitsowitz than organic character development, and Rumple losing the Dark One’s curse would have been an inconvenience to their plot because they were lazy. Likewise, Belle never showed any signs of having suffered any feelings of discomfort, guilt, regret, or trauma from her memories of her time as Lacey afterwards, and while I don’t think there’s any canonical evidence that she and Rumple slept together when she was Lacey (not only would he never do that to his true love without her consent, but there were also no little implied scenes that they did anything more than make out when Belle was Lacey, like the fade to black Hollywood kiss, like in 5A, the little morning after bedroom scenes, the little scenes of either of them being seen buttoning up their clothes, like in 5A, or either of them being seen in skimpy nightgowns, like Belle had when she woke up in Rumple’s bed in 2A), Adam and Eddy were still too fucking lazy to address any of the dubious consent issues between Belle and any of the other characters on the show, who she interacted with when she was Lacey, or what she did that she regretted when she was Lacey.

Adam and Eddy were still too fucking lazy to fully develop and address what Rumple’s actual plans were with Lacey to bring Belle back once he realized that he couldn’t get through to her. It didn’t really seem much like him to just resign himself to the potential future of Belle being gone forever and totally embracing Lacey. I don’t think that’s what he was doing in S2 either. It’s my headcanon that he was planning to make Lacey fall in love with him by appealing to her dark side, so that he could protect Belle from getting hurt, getting into trouble, and/or making any bad decisions as Lacey because he knew she would come to regret once she was herself again, and that he was planning to bring Belle back with TLK. But again, that’s a headcanon, not canonically confirmed because there really was no clear explanation of what Rumple’s actual motives or plans were with Lacey once he realized he couldn’t just get through to her by trying to appeal to Belle under the curse, and they took away the opportunity for him to be the one to bring her back with TLK by the end of S2 when they had Leroy give him that stupid magical deus ex machinna potion from the Blue Fairy to break the whole Lacey trance that Belle was under. So the whole Lacey arc kind of made Rumple look rather uncharacteristically vague and shady for no real reason, other than the fact that it was inconvenient in the plot for him to not be the Dark One.

The Rumbelle/Belle’s amnesia/Lacey plot in the series back in S2 is probably the earliest instance of a stupid magical deus ex machinna soap opera plot that was about creating angst for angst’s sake, rather than actual character development for Rumple or Belle, and it only continued to get worse from that point forward. However, at least the main characters still mostly made consistently dynamic, well-developed, realistic, and emotionally complex sense in the narrative all the way up to 3x11, so that it felt like it ended in a satisfying way with means that justified the end result. After that, the show’s writing went haywire because Kitsowitz ran out of original storyline, killed off Nealfire, turned the whole narrative against Rumple, whether it actually made sense for the other characters to be pissed off at him, or not, including his true love, especially because everyone else, including Belle and Henry, were all doing things that were just as bad, if not worse, because they crossed the boundaries of autonomy and consent in other characters as ends to justify the means, too, anyway, so the entire moral boundary that separated the “heroes” from the “villains” was more or less destroyed from 3B-6A. They were all just deeply fucked up and problematic people by the end of 6A, anyway. True, some characters have objectively committed worse crimes with worse motives than others (like I can’t stand Hook or CS because Emma and Hook’s intentions were purely selfish, malicious, and possessive; in 6A, Rumple and Belle still never meant to harm each other, or make each other feel trapped, or frightened, no matter how uncharacteristically impulsive, illogical, unhealthy, toxic, and stupid their plans to keep their baby and each other safe in a blind desperation and panic based off what a fucking dream version of their unborn son told them about Rumple potentially destroying Belle and their unborn child were).

Kitsowitz wish they could be smarter than their audience, considering all of the dropped plot points for realistic and complex character development (Belle getting locked up in a tower with no memories for over 28 years, Rumple being resurrected, losing his son, and then getting caged, controlled, and molested by Zelena for a whole year), and their inorganic stupid magical plot twists. But they’re not. We’re smarter than Kitsowitz want us to be, and that started showing in S2 when they began traveling realms for magical sparkly dirt, and the whole Belle/amnesia/Lacey plot.

Also, much as I like Bex Mader as an actress, I’d prefer it if Zelena never fucking existed on OUAT at all because the character she plays is so unforgivably atrocious, and she’s basically just another version of S1 evil Regina/the Evil Queen on steroids, since she’s even more antisocial, cruel, psychotic, and irredeemable than her.

I’d prefer it if this show had just ended with 3x11 because that’s the last time that Kitsowitz’s mantra of “bold storytelling” for this show didn’t make me want to punch them both in the face so hard, and pull out my hair in frustration with them for destroying my favorite characters in the writing, like Rumple and Belle, for their increasingly illogical and OOC magical deus ex machinna plot twists from 3B-6A. Even before that they were starting to fridge and/or ruin the characters for stupid and unnecessary magical soap opera plot twists for “bold storytelling” that didn’t even do the main characters involved in them any major role in solving their own problems, and/or any sort of major character development, anyway, like Rumple and Belle in the whole amnesiac Belle/Lacey plot in S2 because Rumple never got to restore Belle’s memories or break the whole Lacey curse she was under with TLK to bring Belle back, and that Belle never got to be shown having any sort of negative feelings/trauma about afterwards that got explored from her time as Lacey, or from being locked up in a tower by Regina with no memories for over 28 years.

However, 3B was the moment when they started retconning all of what we thought were once the relatively straightforward and pre-established rules for magic, killed off Nealfire (who was like Rumple’s glue to the main storyline, and primary motivation from S1-3A), and brought Rumple back from the dead, just to have him get abused, caged, controlled, and traumatized by a psychopathic witch for a whole year, primarily so that they could ignore that all of those horrible things ever happened to him in the narrative in the first place, and then turn him into their scapegoat villain, even though it often didn’t make any sense to do so because every other main character on the show was getting away with making just as many shitty ends justify the means type choices that were often just as bad, if not worse, anyway, so the meaningful moral boundary that separated the heroes from the villains had more or less been getting dissolved by S4 with a bunch of petty “Everybody Hates Rumple” bandwagon mentality hypocrisy.

MG’sPA Sneak Peek Chapter 11

Friday approached Belle and her impish boss much faster than either anticipated. The road to her recovery was quickly coming to its completion as well, and Gold deemed her well enough to attend dinner at the Mills the day before. Tilly, for her part, had been invited as well, much to Belle’s delight. During her stick-days, Tilly had run into wee Henry and the two quickly bonded over roleplaying adventures in their imaginary fantasyland. The younger girl claims Henry is officially her nephew. Gold clearly tried to be indifferent about the whole matter, but Belle could see the light merit in his strange eyes.

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thank you once upon a time seasons 1-6 and it’s fans for instilling us all with a little hope and magic.

  • Emma: Hey everybody! Thanks for coming to this, "Yay we Didn't Die, Again," dinner. Really appreciate it.
  • Belle: Wait. Why are all the chairs set up on one side of the table?
  • Emma: It was Henry's idea.
  • Henry: Yeah, if this dinner makes it into the book, the illustration will be all cool and Last Supper-y!
  • Belle: But it's so inconvenient.
  • Henry: Look, we can deal with yelling across the table for one night for the sweet da Vinci reference. Work with me here, Belle.

“Once upon a time, there was a Beast who took a girl prisoner. But he fell in love with her. And then he let her go. And that is when the girl realized that she loved him too. But in the end, she came back to him, more than a few times.

See? You let me go once before and… we found our way back to each other.

You’re a good man, Rumple. Your heart is pure. You WILL find the answer you need to get rid of the dagger. And you WILL find your way back to me again. I promise.”